1. Arickvan

    Tube clamp harness mount?

    My Google-fu is weak, I'm having trouble finding a tube mount for quick release harness mounts I've found one on eBay from seven Saturdays, one from Dragonfire but they seem to be discontinued and then one from fast lab it but it's not quick release I could make my own but I'm feeling lazy...
  2. FelixstoweF.2

    The Central Backbone Torque Tube System Of Tatra.

    I have to say I'm really impressed with this design. I always have been. I
  3. Chris775

    Tube roller?

    Does anyone use a tube roller much in their home shop? I need to build about 330' of truss for a curved LED wall and I'm debating buying a cheaper rig (Swag) or if I should look at something like a Grizzly or Baileigh for a nicer setup. I can think of a couple things that would be cool with a...
  4. Opiebennett

    WA SOLD -Tube chassis car, LS/TH400/Atlas, 9" axles - ready to ride - $35,000 SOLD

    3 seat tube chassis rock crawler. Can easily made back to a 2 seater if 3 isn’t your style. *Lm4 (aluminum 5.3). I bought another 5.3 as a spare, can be included in sale *TH400 with reverse manual valve body and 32 spline output *atlas 2 transfer case 32 spline outputs, 3.8 low range. *trail...
  5. luiscterrazas

    Squared tube truss of busted knuckes

    Hello, does anyone know what squared tube sizes Busted Knuckles uses in their trusses for axles?
  6. holdmypocket

    Early Bronco - Upper Seat Belt Mount Using Tube Clamps?

    So I installed shoulder belts on the 67 Bronco today. Instructions said to mount the top 36" from the floorboards by drilling through both walls of the roll bar and running a bolt all the way through. Of course, this ended up being too high (the shoulder belt is at my neck). Ran across a forum...
  7. J.Cole

    Toyota Bumper Thread

    I searched and didn't see a bumper thread on this site yet. Front or rear, tube or plate lets see what you built. I feel like I always do the same basic design and want to see what other people have come up with.
  8. Sean

    Mittler Bros vs Pro-Tools End Mill Tube Notcher

    Looking at the single speed on both (roughly 130RPM) and the adjustable vise for offset notches. I only work with up to 2" tubing.... The Mittler Bros is about $125 less or so (if the Woodward fab price is legit....Pro-Tools direct is about $500 more than the MB)....but has a 1 hp motor while...
  9. Austin

    Swagelok hand tube benders and ?!?!

    I just picked up a 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" Swagelok hand tube benders from a pawn shop for hard fuel, oil & coolant lines etc. Came with a deburring tool and these other ... things. Any idea what the handles and bar are for?
  10. Tube Laser/CNC Bending Shops

    This may not be the correct section but I wanted it somewhere that got the most traffic. Does anyone have any recommendations for shops that have tube laser AND CNC bending capabilities that aren't on the west coast? There are plenty of places that have tube lasers and plenty of places with CNC...
  11. Weight Rating on Steel Tube

    Receiver hitch on the F250 is a little worse for wear. The side plates and cross tube are in good shape, but the receiver tube itself is needs to be replaced. I was thinking to cut it out and weld in just the receiver tube and in all likely hood this truck won't see more than 6-7000lbs. I...
  12. gt1guy

    Aluminum bushings for bushing in a tube cage tie-ins?

    Anyone know where I can buy aluminum bushings to replace the poly ones? I have a pair of 2" tie-ins that are right next to the headers and the engine mounts are in the same boat. Engine mounts are 1.75". My first thought is aluminum, but if there's another material I can get them in that can...
  13. Early Bronco dipstick tube fitting

    I have an old aluminum finned deep c4 transmission pan made by B&M. I want to use it on a 76 Bronco. The inside of the pan has extra thick casting in the location where dipstick/fill tube would be located, so it seems to obviously be engineered to accept it with some drilling/threading/etc. Is...
  14. Provience

    Long tube Hedman Hedders install Late 70's Ford 2wd

    Spinning this off into a separate post as I couldn't find much information googling this stuff in advance. I started off with standard Hedman Headers # 89210 1-3/4" primary long tube Ford 351M/400 engine 1978 F-250, only problem is, I've got a 2wd/Rwd. Apparently the steering is behind the...
  15. Extending Axle Tube Length, Sleeving, Butt Welding?

    Waggy etc. D44 housings.... turning a front into a rear (full float and I want the axle seals at the diff; packing the wheel bearings with grease). Originally I was thinking 1.75" .125 internal sleeve 8" or so, but I am starting to overthink this as usual... what if I can't get the shaft out if...
  16. Austin

    Bend-Tech Software is now available in the irate store!

    If you haven’t noticed the full line of Bend-Tech Software is available for purchase in the Irate Store. It’s all available to ship immediately, you’ll need a CD to fire this up without a dongle. Most everybody wants the CD, if you want a download and a dongle sent, we can do that too! As...
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