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Long tube Hedman Hedders install Late 70's Ford 2wd


Jul 8, 2009
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Gatesville, TX
Spinning this off into a separate post as I couldn't find much information googling this stuff in advance.

I started off with standard Hedman Headers # 89210 1-3/4" primary long tube Ford 351M/400 engine 1978 F-250, only problem is, I've got a 2wd/Rwd. Apparently the steering is behind the axle for the 2wd and in front of the axle for the 4wd, or something.

I dunno, but they absolutely would not bolt in. Welp, i'm a cheap bum and bought them used so i was determined to use them.

Stock, ran for a short bit with that cheap burn off pain they ship with and then left to dry apparently


Passanger side was pretty straight forward, I bent the trans cooler lines up out of the way, and bolted them in. The frame had to be lightly clearanced in one spot, starter probably didn't need to be removed, but I did anyways.

This picture of the driver side shows where the frame was clearanced, same as on the passenger side.

doesn't take much, just bring it back to the same narrow that it is in front and go back a couple inches to make life easier.

These next two shots show the only tube that needs to be reformed, I used a single 180* J bend for 1-3/4" mild steel plus the existing tube to make this happen.

Basically, the number 7 exhaust cylinder needs to be rerouted underneath the number 8 exhaust up top, and then NO FURTHER FORWARD than the number 8 tube at the bottom to clear the steering. All the slit cuts are reliefs ~90%+ of the way through the tube to make the gentle bends easier

overall shot, the hammering you see on the #8 exhaust for clearance is NOT required after moving the number 7 tube out of the way, the header now easily installs from underneath the truck and clears the steering linkage and the steering box


and here you can see how these land right where the crossmember wants to be, it will need to be modified to clear, cutting out the bottom of it and bracing across the top will be the easiest route, but i'm out of daylight and concern for now

and yes, i did run my exhaust underneath the transmission crossmember and it is below the frame rail now because of it. not any lower than the bottom of the header collectors, but certainly lower than the factory exhaust tucked up above the crossmembers and at frame level.


sounds excellent, i'm happy with it and not concerned about the low hanging fruit
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