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  1. rattle_snake

    GMG smoker, lift, tires, coilovers

    Like many of you knuckleheads I feel the need to modify/put bigger tires on everything. I modified this pellet smoker chassis by adding a lower shelf, and upgrading the tires/castors. Yes I need lug tread tires on my patio. Later added some fake coilovers from a chi-com quad. Piggy backs Bro...
  2. NH Five 41" rims and tires to Shortbus4x4 and a crew cab to me.

    So that's NH to Idaho. We may end up doing it ourselves in the coming years.
  3. total newb

    Doing something mediocerly stupid,16 tires on 16.5 h1s?

    So i have some h1 12 bolts and twf inserts and have been keeping eye out for some decent tires for them. Swampers are few and far between anymore, 16.5s have been in the "phase out" for 25years, and ive been wanting to try these mil xlm 325/80/16 anyhow.... found a set for a decent price so...
  4. 46 inch military surplus tires and safety beads

    Recently bought 46 inch Goodyear surplus tires and want to mount them on someused 12x20 Hostile wheels. The bead thickness on the tires is slightly less than 1.5 inches while the width of the area allowed for tire bead on the rims is 3/4 inch. How much of an issue is this going to be? I know...
  5. Four

    Hankook ATs getting tore up

    Hey y'all. Have some 265/65/17 Hankook Dynapro ATs on my 2010 4Runner. They have maybe 15k miles that I put on them over the last 2 years. Rotate them about every 5k. Car gets partially daily-ed, split the drive time with my coupe. We do light/medium off-roading with them, think all the...
  6. YotaAtieToo

    ID 2 sets of 30" tires SOLD

    SOLD 245/75r16s (30x9.5) mud clawson 5x5.5 16x7? white spoke steel wheels. Decent tread and shape, but they do have 2010 date code. Came from the pnw so probably didn't see much sun :laughing: I'll take a case of :beer: for a fellow member. 30x9.5r15 maxxis big horns with excellent...
  7. mediocre

    UT Sticky 40s and wheels- sold

    Nitto K-Spec Sticky 40s 40x13.5x17 16/32 tread-edges rolled On Raceline Monster Beadlocks 17x9 -32 offset 8on6.5 lug pattern Fresh-ish Silver Powdercoat New Bolts $3200 Located in Southern Utah.
  8. OR Toyota TRD Wheels and Tires SOLD

    These wheels and tires were removed within 2000 miles of buying the Toyota new. Includes Lugnuts. They need tire pressure sensors if you’re going to put them on a newer vehicle. Can bring to Bend Oregon with me on 4-12. Good condition, not needed. Price: $475 Location: Klamath County, Oregon
  9. Best 35" sticky sxs tires

    I've been contemplating getting some sticky tires to run on my off-road only samurai and/or a couple of other not yet built rigs (samurai weight or less). 35" tires is the tire size I am looking to go with. Everything will be trailer queens, so no hard surface driving. Current full bodied...
  10. Quad boss 846 tires?

    Anyone run these on a quad or sxs? These are my top contenders for my rhino. I’m trying to decide between the 26” or 27.” One question would be how true to size they are. I bought and returned a set of 25” coyotes because they were shorter than the bald maxxis tires that are currently on it.
  11. Ebs

    Kumho Tires

    Are these things garbage or what? Made in Korea? I usually go name brand on tires but I can get a set for a cheap. These are the all terrains, road venture at51...
  12. Oddball

    Big tires and up travel

    So I was finalizing the turbo location in the pickup, when I realized some of the space under the hood that I wanted to use for the air box, will need to be used to clear tires. And so, I spent the rest of the day working out just how much to cut. I still havent committed. Would like to get some...
  13. Landslide

    UTV tires on a samurai or tracker?

    So I’m looking for some TSLs in 30x10.5x15 and apparently Interco isn’t doing much in tires now?!? Well, nothing I can find searching the webs. So I’m looking at these UTV tires and they look rated to handle a samurai or tracker. I own a 1988 samurai and a 1999 tracker. The tires I have on my...
  14. boy&hisdogs

    12.50 vs 13.50 Tires

    Does it really make that much of a difference? Would I see better on-road braking going to a 13.50? Worse off road in mud and other slick stuff? Would any of it be enough to care about? This is for a full size 1500 truck, about 6k pounds loaded. Assuming the same diameter (37 in my case), same...
  15. Water in tires with steel wheels?

    What’s the best fluid to run to stop water from rusting my steel bead locks? I’m interested in trying mine maybe half full. Regular antifreeze? rv antifreeze?
  16. JR4X

    Flat tires, what would IBB do?

    Got a 1995 diesel Gator that needs 6 tires. I don’t want to buy 6 dam tires for this thing but these are the original ones that came on it. They aren’t worn out but they are severely cracked from age as one would expect. Normally I wouldn’t cheap out on tires but this thing is just a powered...
  17. Tow Rig / DD / Plow Rig Tires

    We had one of these threads in the old place, might as well have one in the new place, and I didn't see one after my exhausting 2 minute search. If I missed it...:flipoff2: Tech/reviews for Tow Rigs, Daily Driver and Plow truck tires. I'll kick it off. 2011 F-350 6.7, running 275/65R20s gets...
  18. Reno Off-Road (Parts)

    UTV Tires

    Hey Irate Members, BFGoodrich just finished the latest batch of KR2 UTV Tires in the iconic 32x9.50-15 and I have them ready to ship again. If you are interested let me know. You can PM me, or contact me at [email protected] | 775-553-8333 Go-to >...
  19. TrailTamer

    Wheel width for WIDE tires

    Hi y'all I am trying to make my tire wheel combo to work, and I am thinking I must go with wider wheels... Spec: XJ on D30/C8.25 scaled right at 4,000lbs on 35" tires it had. Wheels - cheap 15x8 steel wheels Tires - 36x13.5R15 IROK BIAS I searched online on wheel width and found old posts on...