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  1. rattlewagon

    "The Blue Truck"

    I have this on other forums, but wanted it here too. The truck has never really had a name expect " The blue truck " I also consider this my learning truck. The welds I did on it in 2010 look way different than the welds I did over the summer. Ive owned this truck since march of 07. Bought it...
  2. Grronk

    Shitbox '95 Pickup "build" or somthing

    Long story short, bought a house, this truck was included. Sat down in the field for years, I think since 2011 or so? Not sure what the main goal with it is, probably a shitty fuck around truck/demolition derby truck? No idea besides just generally beat on it. Figured I'd make a thread on it...
  3. Vortec 7400 Gremlins

    Hey all, I've been a long time lurker on the old site and now on this site for a little while now but this will be my first post, so bear with me. I want to start this off by saying I'm NOT a mechanic and I'm not super experienced, I'm just someone trying to learn to fix busted old trucks the...
  4. brantb

    Shitbox F350

    Figured i would post up something for people to look at to waste time. Sold my 19 F250 since prices were crazy and picked up an 05 F350. The story i was told was: It was brought in for repairs, the person never paid so the repair shop put a lean on it and got it. Then the owner/operator cut a...
  5. Rooster831

    Shitbox Tacoma Build

    Been saving up parts for a few years with plans on building an 83 shortbed, Ended up scrapping that plan when I realized i didnt have any headroom. Fast forward a few months and my buddy rolls his mint 98 Tacoma driving home from work one night, fox coilovers, brand new clutch ,3rz. it was one...

    Yellow Vacuum Express

    well here we go again with starting a build thread and never updating it or remembering my password. I have been on pirate, JKForum and a few others; I am sure that people have seen me around. quick specs 2008 jeep wrangler x dana 60 front, 14 bolt rear 14 inch fox coilovers, 2inch foa bumps...
  7. Toreadorranger

    88 F-Turd50 IDI Build

    Porting this over here, I figure I can not make progress on this site instead. :flipoff2: It will seem a little choppy since I wont be grabbing all the updates, just the important and current ones. I originally got part way into a buggy build and realized after getting married and buying a...
  8. Grronk

    1981 Pickup Build - Old Yeller

    Shitbox evolution. Jan 21, 2019 <-------This date is the date of the original post, it will be on all of the older post so I can reference it for later use if needed 1981 Toyota Pickup, bought off of CL How I got it: 22r, Carb, Manual, Stock Gearing and TC, HUGE Body Lift, previous owner...