leaf springs

  1. School me on leaf springs

    Springs in the tacoma are way past done, and were finished off today:laughing: Never bought anything besides spring packs off craigslist. Not doing anything special, but want springs that will flex a lil and not ride like ass. Looks like a 8 leaf setup from deaver is $850. That worth the extra...
  2. 123danb

    Best leaf springs for my 91' SAS 4runner? (wheeling/camping/road use)

    As title states I am trying to decide what leafs to use when doing the SAS in my 91' 4runner w/ 3.4 swap. Its my first time building a solid axle rig, so if I ask anything dumb please chalk it up as I am new to this crap lol. I have the Sky's SAS kit with ultra clearance front hangar and high...
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