1. ZSAVAGE81

    2024 KOH 4400 Race in-car footage

    So I'd installed a rear view mirror/camera deal in my car and with everything that went on during hammers never remembered to put a card in it or figure out how it worked. As we were on deck my co-driver was like "make sure your cameras are on" and instantly I knew I goofed..............Then the...
  2. Sceep

    KOH watch party, Moriarty?

    I'm positive i'll be here watching. Dad probably too. I can clean out the shop a bit and fill the kegs. It's heated in here so we'll be comfy. We can get pizza and wings from Moriarty for lunch. Anyone interested? Bring your camp chairs and laptops to hook up to the wifi for various streams...
  3. CA Going through Bakersfield to KOH?

    Anyone going through bakersfield on their way to KOH? Can you pick up an axle from gozuki and then I can get it at KOH?
  4. Tech Tim

    New Bronco running in KOH?

    So who'll be the first to spend $295K and race a Bronco DR in the 4500 class?
  5. Ultra4 & KOH stuff on sale

    hey all, looks like king of the hammers site is have a sale on their swag. Some decent stuff at pretty low prices: King of the Hammers Official Merchandise
  6. 2024 KOH Tickets now on sale

    Hey all, Tickets for KOH 2024 have gone on sale and can be found here for $50 https://www.tixr.com/groups/hkp/events/2024-progressive-king-of-the-hammers-powered-by-optima-batteries-72988 It's the early bird pricing, so if you're going might as well get tickets now
  7. richardskinner

    KOH EMC 4runner, who/what

    I talked with a Toyota 4runner driver when he was in line for tech, but I was too stupid to pay attention to his number plate. Anyone know which car it was and what went down for him on the race? It was a gray/silverish 1st gen 4runner.
  8. Austin

    Irate KoH Recap

    Damn ... what a good time! From an Irate standpoint .... The wife and I had media passes, we went to get our vests Wednesday and was told they were out. Apparently they ordered 500 and got 100 in. There are way better photographers out there then either of us so I didn't make a big deal...
  9. SLOWPOKE693

    Future of KOH 4400 chassis/car development?

    After watching yesterday's race, seeing where the golf carts placed (7th & 8th place) and hearing Dave Cole talk with RG about how chassis builders should be paying close attention to what those Can-Ams did, do you think there will be a push to build much smaller and lighter 4400 cars in the...
  10. CJKnoll96

    KOH 2022 "from the right seat"

    I wrote this up last year and wasn't sure what to do with it figured some of you might enjoy the read as we head into KOH 2023. King Of the hammers from the Right Seat King of the Hammers is one of those events that’s like a speeding bullet train, you can see it from miles out, you know...
  11. SLOWPOKE693

    Official 2023 KOH UTV Thread

    Who do you think is going to pull off the win this year in the UTV race? Will it be the Miller boys, Kyle Cheney or Dustin Jones in a Can-Ams or is there a possibility of a Honda, Kawi or Polaris team upsetting the favorites? I'm excited to seeing how the factory Can-Am's do in the big race...
  12. Hodgiemoto

    KOH and wifi question

    So my Ram has an app to make the truck into a hotspot. Would this work decent considering the amount or lack thereof of coverage out there? I would probably have to remove my cabover so the signal hits the antennea tho. Anybody ever have any luck with this? Or some other type of hot spot?
  13. Hodgiemoto

    KOH roll call

    Last minute decision to go this year😎 Who else is going? Might cool to meet up at some point. Will also be pitting for the 4653.
  14. JR4X

    Can-Am at KOH

    It was actually 3 of them! Someone in the funhaver pit said “ How in TF do you explain a golf cart that can be built $50K coming in ahead of a $250K ifs car?” Has me rethinking some stuff. Kyle Chaney won the utv’s and got 12th in 4400. Hunter Miller got 13th and Cody Miller got 22nd. An IFS...
  15. Austin

    CA Ultra4 King of the Hammers Week | Jan 29–Feb 6 | | Johnson Valley, CA

    Details will be updated when available ... but be there.
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