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hydro assist

  1. lorenzo816

    Hydroboost and hydro assist?

    I’m about to throw in the towel and go full hydro. Need some help diagnosing current issues. I’ve bled the system following WTO instructions (and others) with the truck not running and on jackstands. Ultimately with motor running, I can turn left but not right without jogging the wheel. I...
  2. Slander

    Double ended ram hydro assist

    I searched here and at the old place and only found a few threads, one being JR4X KOH steering here, and one from Willyswanter back in 2003 on p4x4. I think this would be a good potential option for my low slung Toyota on leafs as I have zero room for a ram pretty much anywhere. I don't have...
  3. alk1174

    Tapping a steering box for hydro assist thread engagement question

    Cliffs What is the typical minimum thread engagement you get on the 1/4" npt fitting when tapping into the "vein" on the top of an ifs box? Long story I am in the process of putting a TG hydro assist kit on my truck using an early style IFS box. I heard all of the horror stories about doing it...
  4. Full hydro with a smaller hydro assist ram?

    Has anyone run full hydro with a ~1.75in ram on a smaller rig? Just bench racing at this point trying to put my parts list together. The axle is a tj dana 30 under a samurai. It would be nice to get away with the smaller ram but I don’t want to sacrifice steering performance. What about the...
  5. Bray D

    Ranger Hydro Assist - Which Pump

    I started this thread on PBB and it turned into a collegiate level fluid study. It needs documented here. In typical repost fashion, I'll condense the original thread down to 5 posts to keep it fairly concise. Even so, this is going to be a massive data dump. This is going to take a while, so...
  6. Offset Tie Rod + Hydro Assist

    I'm planning out my build, planning to use a pair of 1" offset heims with my tie rod to clear the diff cover (2004 superduty axle), with a hydro assist ram connected to the tie rod. I'm concerned the tie rod may want to rotate with the pushing/pulling of the hydro assist ram, and introduce...

    Yellow Vacuum Express

    well here we go again with starting a build thread and never updating it or remembering my password. I have been on pirate, JKForum and a few others; I am sure that people have seen me around. quick specs 2008 jeep wrangler x dana 60 front, 14 bolt rear 14 inch fox coilovers, 2inch foa bumps...
  8. Toreadorranger

    Tapping Ford Box for Hydro Assist

    It seems most of the older threads from various other forums all have pictures that are dead. I need to drill and tap the Box on my 88 F250 for my PSC ram. If I remember correctly there are a few locations these can be tapped. Who has the pictures/ tips for that?
  9. Davev78

    Hydro Assist - Diff Cover to Knuckle Mount

    Let’s try some tech Car info: JKU Rubicon, 2” lift, adjustable lower arms, 37” milestars, your basic mall crawler. Needed hydro assist since I like to to turn my wheels in the rocks. Over the years, I noticed that most hydro assist set ups want to rotate the tie rod. This is particularly true...
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