1. Ranger 2.3/2.5- EFI to carb-(specifacally getting a distributor in one)?

    Looking at the possibilities of ditching the EFI from either a 98 2.5(last evolution of the "lima" 2.0 if I am not mistaken) or alternately, an early 90's 2.3. Lets not get into EFI vs carb BS. I want to ditch the EFI for the simplicity of the project (beat up, rusty 48 flatfender) looking at...

    AMC360 with Howell EFI - timing issues

    So I am working on my CJ (1980) with a AMC360 w/mild cam, Howell EFI, MSD 6A (AMC distributor), t176, 4:1 twin stick D300, D44 front and rear with chromos, etc etc etc. The jeep has the Howell EFI that works pretty well, but the vacuum advance has been disconnected. It runs rather hot though...
  3. Efi Fuse blows

    :grinpimp: My Efi fuse keeps blowing. Its the smaller 15 amp fuse in the upper left hand corner of the box. I was curious to see what this fuse does? I'm assuming fuel pump related. Of course it hasn't been consistent. The first fuse lasted 8 months, then blew another one a few days ago. Without...
  4. Leadfoot21

    Which EFI setup ?

    Curious to see which EFI setup is the best bang for your buck for a SBF these days ! There are even more options now than the last time I looked a few years ago . Holley, edelbrock , fitech and I think summit or jegs has their own now . I have a like new 82 F100 flare side with the original...
  5. NDCjeepsmith

    2010 ranger 500 efi no start

    Jumped solenoid and started. Figured that's it. Put a new on still no crank. Brake light comes on so that rules out brake switch override right? When I turn key I get no voltage at the plug for solenoid, where do these wires go?
  6. Ummduh

    Tuning EFI

    Anybody here good at the EFI tooning? I have 2 trucks; a 2000 Ranger that I'm doing single turbo/e85/5.0, the fun truck. And then I have my tow pig 95 F250 460. I bought into the megasquirt family. The ranger is nowhere near firing up, but I put a Stinger PimpXShift in the f250 the other day...
  7. Vortec 7400 Gremlins

    Hey all, I've been a long time lurker on the old site and now on this site for a little while now but this will be my first post, so bear with me. I want to start this off by saying I'm NOT a mechanic and I'm not super experienced, I'm just someone trying to learn to fix busted old trucks the...
  8. Kowboy

    Holley EFI ECU on Gen III Hemi

    Any of you motorheads got any experience with this set-up? Lookin' for info ... good, bad, and ugly.
  9. docj88

    Standalone EFI 22re

    I'm kinda retarded but I have a turbo, a welder, and an anemic 22re. See where this is going? I'm trying to find some information on megasquirt and Speeduino, preferably from someone who is actually running either of them. The current plan is to get it together with 3 or 4 psi boost on the stock...
  10. Aftermarket EFI on 460 cliff notes?

    I've got a couple potential projects on a back burner, 70s Ford's sitting for some time with 460s, ones a camper van, other a shiny Friday night truck I figure either rig will need fuel tanks removed, everything flushed, and carbs rebuilt, mechanical fuel pumps replaced (I've lost an engine to...
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