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  1. Is this a d60 or a d44?

    I've sent this to a few friends, I'm getting mixed answers Sure looks like the base of the hub fills up the wheel 78 f250 super cab, door tag says 3800lb front, but things can be swapped in 45 years Is this a d44 or d60? It's a terrible picture. But the best I can get this lady to get me...
  2. pinchegringo

    OK D44 detroit

    Dana 44 30 spline detroit locker non c clip model. 3.79 and up hardly used. Has a 4.10 gearset on it currently. Come get it or I can ship. 73521 $400
  3. tiptoptune

    CO For sale Warn Full Float D44 parts, Dauntless eng parts, clutch linkage, GM bellhousing, rollbar, other

    Some parts for a Warn Full Float Axle Kit for a 72-75 CJ5 narrow track axle, centered diff, 30 spline. These are parts left from over the years of having 2 of these kits on jeeps. Here is what i have. Qty 1 spindle new unused that was machined from a 76-80 CJ front spindle to work on the 72-75...
  4. Mad Max

    CO 2x ARB lockers: D44 and D60. SOLD

    Like new set of ARBs for a D44 and D60. Both had 5.13s on them. Function perfectly, all hardware included - bearings, lines, and switches. We just got the Jeep and prefer auto lockers - only reason we pulled the ARBs out. Everything is bagged and tagged - only thing not included is the...
  5. MochaMike

    CA 6 lug D44 Outer stuff/E. Bronco inner shaft

    Building an axle & parts got stolen from side yard of shop. I’m hoping someone is doing a conversion to 5 or 8 lug. Need: 2 Spindles (Waggy/Chevy…. Iirc small bearing/cheap ones/not for 5 lug conversion) 2 hubs (6 lug, Jeep/Chevy) 2 caliper brackets Won’t say no to good rotors as well or...
  6. MochaMike

    CA D44 Spool

    Yukon full spool for a 30 spline Dana 44. This came in a Chevy front axle I bought. 4.56 up carrier break. Used. No rust, pitting, or gouges. Has signs of use (see pics) but in good shape. I’d use it but building a streetable rig. $100 picked up in Concord Ca. $150 shipped. Trade...
  7. tiptoptune

    CO Wide d44 offset to wide axle Willys

    Dana 44 rear 59.5 wms offset psgr diff i had behind a Dana 18 t case. Great axle to widen a flat fender or anything running t case with psgr offset rear output. Has warn full float kit with lockouts which is great for flat towing with a d18. 4.56 and a spool. Would sell without gears and spool...
  8. MochaMike

    CA D44 Open Carrier (3.92 up) SF Bay Area

    As the title says, looking for a cheap D44 Open Carrier (3.92 up) SF Bay Area
  9. Byro

    OH Reid JK knuckles. SOLD

    SOLD. Pair of Reid JK30/44 high steer knuckles. Open box, brand new. These are drilled for a flipped drag link. SOLD.
  10. DFW Rusty

    TX Built Scout D44 axles with spare parts!

    Finally about to drop my 1 tons in the jeep so it's time to get serious about getting this gone! Both axles are 5x5.5 pattern CJ ,OBS F150, Scout II Front axle- Late 70’s Scout D44, 5.13 gears, Detroit locker, Revolution 4340 Crhomolly axles (New March of 2022) w/ Spicer 5-760x joints, Rugged...
  11. IN Yukon YK D44 Master Install Kit SOLD

    Yukon YK D44 30 spline Master install kit with Timken bearings. Kit is unopened/unused, only the plastic package has separated from the cardboard backing. Purchased for Ford reverse rotation, HP D44 but believe that I got the wrong kit. Application seems to be for a standard rotation D44...
  12. WV D44 RCV Axles-driver drop Waggy SOLD

    80-up Waggoneer D44 RCV's. Brand new in the box. 30 spline inner and 30 spline stubs. 30 spline RCV drive slugs new in the packaging. $1400 for all of it. I will post pics this evening.
  13. Scott Cee aka 2drx4

    F-150 D44 knuckle failures

    How big of an issue is the F-150 D44 knuckle failure? Well, obviously if it fails it's pretty catastrophic. What I'm curious is how common it is, or how far you can push them before they fail? Or are these failures also the result of another issue, such as a loose spindle? I'm only planning...
  14. TRINDU

    D44: 5 vs 6 vs 8 lug WMS

    Is there a change in WMS from Ford hubs to FSJ/GM 6 lug? I believe 6 to 8 lug GM would add .75" per side. Do you change stubs from Ford <-> GM hub swap?
  15. Davev78

    Pattern Check D44

    Setting up Jk D44, 5.13 Circle K Gears. It seems I can t get the pattern as close to root as I like. Even when I put the pinion real close to the ring. These were the two best patterns I got. What you think, run it, scrap it, drink bleach?
  16. TRINDU

    D44 rear axle difference

    I know I'm overlooking something simple. When looking at 44 shafts, why do they specify not for CJ, waggy, or scout? What sets them apart from TJ, isuzu, ford, etc? Ex: https://eastcoastgearsupply.com/i-23993255-dana-44-35-spline-chromoly-cut-to-length-rear-axle-shaft.html
  17. 7.62FMJ

    What's it worth? 1978 D44

    I hate posting a "what's it worth" thread here, but I've been out of the parts game so long now...and this covid market craziness has thrown another curveball in there too... I have a complete 1978 Bronco rolling chassis. A friend of mine is wanting the axles for his EB. I gave him the 9"...
  18. Ford and Chevy D44 Hubs interchangeable?

    OK so here is my question. I have some D44 5x5.5" 80's ford spindles and hubs. NOW if I wanted to go to 6 lug could I just swap the hub and figure out the brake caliper mounts and run the same spindle? I am building my Tacoma LT Kits with D44 hubs and I currently have a set of hubs/spindles...
  19. D44 front guys, please step in

    I'm kinda jammed up here, I bought a clean 79 f150 2wd that I want to convert to 4wd on a 32-35" tire that will in all honesty just be a cruiser with the rare 2 track use I've collected a set of 05+ super duty axles, but I really want to run the 95-96 ford alcoas, I have a set in 5lug 15, and 8...
  20. Fishnbeer

    D44 chevy outers

    I had this SAS S10 project on the back burner for way too long but I am making good progress now. The donor D44 I got has detroit locker, moeser chromo shafts w/ctm joints. It needed high steer arms so I got chevy flat top knuckles, spindles, caliper brackets+calipers and using ford hub/rotors...
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