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what's your favorite blackand white movie?


Refugee from syrup
May 19, 2020
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for me it's The Ghost and Ms Muir
12 'O clock high
young frankenstein

There are a few other WWII movies i'm forgetting

What B&L movies does the color generation like?
The Birds, the original Cape Fear, King Kong if we’re feeling like something fun. For modern movies made in black and white for effect I’d go with Raging Bull, Schindler’s List, and (loosely defined as b&w) Sin City.
The Birds, Psycho, The Haunting, Frankenstein, Freaks, Spider Baby, and I really like the B&W version of The Mist. However, when they run out of gas on The Mist, I shut the movie off. Frank Darabont took one of the greatest Stephen King stories with a great ending and ruined it.

I’m sure there are some I’m forgetting, but those are movies that left a lasting impression after watching them.
12 'O clock high both the movie and TV series and The Longest Day have to be my top two
I'd forgotten about some of these B&W movies. Raging bull and The Longest Day were on my regular rotation of movies watched in the 80's, I also liked Clerks and had forgotten it was in B&W.
Night of the Living Dead, Carnival of Souls. Any old/cheesy monster or horror stuff really. B&W adds something to it that I like. Clerks was a good mention, too.
Bunch of geriatrics all up in here. :flipoff2:
Young Frankenstein. Even my 11-year-old can quote the whole thing.
If you like old b/w movies check out Svengoolie on Saturday nights. I get a kick out of some of the 50s and 60s horror movies.

"The Blob" :laughing:
Since "in Harm's Way" was already mentioned, here are some more:
Anatomy of a Murder
The Big Sleep
Sabrina (original)
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