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Tom's 79' SSII @woodbinebeastssii time for Tons!

Axles all in. Brakes all finished just finalizing my parking brake cables. Went with two of the left side cables for the 133" wheelbase trucks. And a 30" intermidiate/center cable. Should hook up to my stock scout front cable no problem. Just need to weld in some new cable end mounts. Then swap in the 1 7/16" master cyl and bleed the brakes.

Got the anti wrap all figured and welded in. Hangs a bit lower than I wanted but shoukd work mint and be a nice skid to save the drive shaft.

I got the brakes working mint! I was pissed at first as I bled the master the way the stupid instructions say (put the plugs in and bleed till its hard) that's bullshit and don't work. Had to pull it back out and bench bleed old fashioned way with tubes back into the master. Now the pedal is rock solid and a nice feel!

This is an early 2000's GM master. Aluminum with plastic res. Both fittings are 1/2-20 in the master not metric which is perfect.

The pedal feel is very much like a modern vehicle now, bout 1-1.5" of travel.

Think I'm finally happy!

The late model gm 14 bolt rear end, ended up being about 1" narrower than the 1981 GM 1 ton front Dana 60. So should still have a decent turning radius.

I'm cruising it on Christmas I think! Might even take it for a rip tomorrow!

All I have to finish now is the RJ's Buggy harnesses and I'm ready for another season of wheeling.

The only other thing I'd change is the front leafs but that is only if I found a super deal I can't pass up lol.

Merry Christmas everyone! God bless!
Well, had a bit of time to work on my junk.

Engine still leaking out the back... Meh. 1 more season like that unless it completely calves and let's loose.

Cut more out of my front fenders at the top and forward edges, and cut the front inner fender core support back a few inches as I was always rubbing on that.

Smashed in the main rib seam on the firewall since my tires always eat it too. (need to move the axle another 1" forward if I do a 3 link, radius arm or longer leafs) maybe next year, no more money for this winter. And need to help a friend build his heep LJ with a full 16" Rock Slayer suspension w/ ORIs.

And added some new rock lights.
Out of curiosity do you have to worry about smog or any other inspections?
Out of curiosity do you have to worry about smog or any other inspections?

Just a safety inspection when you initially register it. (talks is that's going to go to bi-annual safety)

But biggest issue with the Scout is the lack of a standardized VIN numbers.

Any vehicle older than 20 years is an instant classic and majority of insurers don't want to insure anything.

Suprised I can get my kids car insured it's an 87 Shelby Z Daytona but it has a standard VIN. $100/month for that for a 37 yr old car but that's on a normal policy not classic.

I had 1 too many claims so got the Scout reg'd in my dads name and ran it on a classic policy for the first 4 years. But they don't allow real use of it nor towing which im now towing a ln 8ft popup. So he wants it changed. Got a call out to the broker to see what she can do.
100 dollars a month for insurance is pretty crazy. I pay 60 bucks for the year...
100 dollars a month for insurance is pretty crazy. I pay 60 bucks for the year...
Ya Canada is retarded. Some provinces insurance is upwards of $2k per vehicle per year.

My standard policy on my truck and car combined is near $2500...
Got some goodies from Jeff and the team at IHPA.

Plan is to put GM 4" lift springs up front. Got a set of Zones. They have the pretty near same free arch as my stock scout springs but might be a touch stiffer so I may pull a leaf.

Going to move front axle forward another 1/2" to get the 40s off the firewall. (should have just gone with the 38" Nitto from the get go. Too late)

This will bring wheel base to 105". Hoping the front will be far nicer riding cause right now it's a friggen buck board chuck wagon. (stock front 2" leaves with 1 extra main leaf added.)
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