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The real-life confirmed Irates?

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May 20, 2020
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Please do not post in this thread if there is not another person on this site that can vouch for the fact that they met you in real life.
I've met crustyjeep and I'm pretty sure pat mcrotch and I met at a party in Portland once upon a time. Crazybluerider and I have met too, same with stjames151
Only one on here I know for sure is Bebop

There may be more, but I'm not 100% sure.
I've met Scott Cee aka 2drx4

Funny aside. I also met 4 guys from the old place in Vegas one time. We bumped into each other and knew because we were all wearing P swag at the time. They asked my name and when I told them one guy says man I thought you would be an even bigger asshole IRL.:laughing:

The women kinda stood off to the side and one says to my GF "oh great that's all we need one more fucking P. This is gonna be a shit show" and it was.:laughing:

I ended my night spewing my guts into a garbage can right beside some old woman playing a slot machine, she didn't even bat an eye.:laughing:
Not here but definitely off the old place. I’m sure I met a few random members parts dealing. I do remember that time getting trashed with ApeEater, TexasBalke, Big Bronco Jeff, and a few others at a Houston bar. Also met another member on there that was local that ended up becoming a real good friend.
I’ve met a handful of the NY guys, a bunch racing who I’ve for got their names. :flipoff2:. Not good at memorizing exact user names so I have no list.
Is this a thread for a grand old IBB meet n greet??

PBB was a SoCal board at heart. One thing I hated about it. IBB regulars bring a much better variety. So let’s do it, but not in the south west.
wish i met more than i have, but its a distance issue

i need to start flying out. whos got a bed to crash on for a weekend? :flipoff2:
I've met at least three people. I like to think that the 205 I sold at an amazing price makes up for the small favors from the other two guys.
I met a dozen or so East coast folks from the other board. I don't know how many are here. Heefus, Doc, Bev Aprilrazz), Cybergeek, DJ, Romogo, Chief Slapaho, EdGlock21, etc.
I've met most of the TN crew, and a couple of the AZ folks. I also have had Mo (I forget his S/N) come over to my place when I was living in Las Cruces to fix the A/C in his 1st Gen 4Runner. I haven't met anybody up here yet.
Oh and a couple of TX based folks too. Even the beer snob.
I know Poopyface. I met YJ4Rox the other day. ScottRS, his brother and camp helped me fix my Jeep on Drew Perssons Y2K run back when I lived in CA and knew a ton of people from the old site

there are others that aren’t on here often.
TiTRD and xjmark. Probably met some of the other NE folks but just don't know it.
From this site I think the only one I have met is Sceep, he built the exo on my Yota. Many of the NM people from the other site I have met and wheeled with, just haven't seen them make the transition here.
I've met at least three people. I like to think that the 205 I sold at an amazing price makes up for the small favors from the other two guys.

I still have pics of the Dana 80 in your Subaru wagon.
If you fuckers lived closer it woild be easier :homer:

Old board had a lot of guys I knew from other places, mostly shooting related...
Met a few people from the old place and here... I don't want to violate anyone's privacy. :homer::flipoff2:
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