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Sturgis, 250,000 ,no masks


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May 20, 2020
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The annual Sturgis motorcycle gathering is this week. Best estimates are 250,000 or more people in a fairly crowded .. situation. There are continuous live video feeds online...like one out of a thousand wearing masks ,no social distancing..
. This should be the big test for Corona precautions. What do you think, very few to none get the virus ? Or many get it and bring back home?
It will be hard to track since most people are coming from out of state, so an increase in numbers would be spread out over multiple states. I would love to know the numbers. I wouldn't go, and I probably wouldn't hang out with anyone who went for a few weeks after, but to each their own.
I wouldn't go, and I probably wouldn't hang out with anyone who went
I’m here and I’d say the 250k is bullshit, it’s probably more like 500k or whatever 2019 was. Lots of bikes.
Finally a state acting like their citizens are free...
Six weeks? For the past six months I've been told repeatedly, two weeks. :confused:
Says the guy following the herd on GCC. :rolleyes: I don't shame those people for going and living their life, why shame me for living mine?

So you need a safe space to protect you from all the harmful "shaming"?

you inspire happy joy joy feelings in all those around you :flipoff2:
I'm a member at the local Elks Lodge. There is suggested social distancing. It doesn't happen. We have an olympic pool with hundreds attending every weekend. We have not had one case of COVID in the Lodge. The average age is well above my 47 years, and i'm exponentially more fit than most. If it was going to take off somewhere it would be there.
Yes. I clearly need a safe space. That's why I post my liberal views on irate4x4. Because you guys are all so friendly and accepting of my views.

Why is becoming anti-social, afraid, and full compliance of .gov mandates a liberal mindset?
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