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Spring perch & u bolts for ford 9"


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Jun 8, 2020
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I have a 9" from an early bronco I am using for a s10 build. I beleive it is from a 73 out of a junkyard and has the big outer bearings. There are parts out there made for 3" axle tube and 3-1/4" axle tube but when I measured the tubes on this thing I got 3.1".

A 3" u bolt will not fit. Can I use 3-1/4" stuff? The perches can probably be made to work but the u bolts being different is my main concern. Did I somehow end up with a odd sized axle tube? Anyone run into this before?
Find a leaf spring manufacturer they usually have a hydraulic bender that make u bolts for axle housings.

Or at least the one in sacto that I went to some years ago did.
personally I'd use the 3" U bolts and squeeze em a little.

It would be a way better fit being a bit tight than being too loose and giving the spring pin a work out that would eventually lead to a break.
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