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**** Post your Willys photos! ****

I just got mine back up and running a few weeks ago

This is My 1954 Dj2A, I will be starting a build thread shortly. It has a 4.3 v6 with a 4l60e and dana 300.

The axle are narrowed dana 60's with a high pinion rear that started life as a front axle. the rear 60 has 14 bolt spindles and hubs.

the rear leafs are cherokee and the front are yj.


My first time posting here.
Can’t seem to add pics.
52 m38 owned it over 34 years now.
225 v6 / Chuchua manifold Holley 390 Muncie m20 / warn o/d / big pin d18 / 11” brakes/ power Saginaw box
4.88 d30f p-lock / flanged offset 44 d-locker.





A project I've been tinkering with on and off when I'm waiting on parts / burned out on my buggy build. I probably should start a build thread one of these days.

It is Meiser style 2x4 frame strectched for YJ springs and 90" wheelbase, uses OME soft ride rear yj's on all 4 corners. Powertrain is a injected 4.3l backed with a 4l60e and a dana 300. Axles are a isuzu rear 44 and a waggy front 44.
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I haven't checked this thread out for awhile and I must say "nice rides guys"...
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