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Is there a reason to use left and right threads for a link in a linked suspension?


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May 20, 2020
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Title states it.

Is it purely for convenience? Or is there something more to it?

I'm doing a linked suspension with shit I have around the basement shelves; jonny joints and "spring bushings". I have added 1 1/4" studs to the jonny joints but I have not been able to find a left hand stud, bolt, all thread, etc. Originally, I was thinking of welding the spring bushing housings to my links but I'm re-thinking that. I can get a foot of 1 1/4" all thread for ~$12. $12 is much much cheaper than quality heims that are left hand thread(FK ~$60++ each)
Purely so you can adjust link length without removing one end from a bracket.
I don't like opposite threads on lower links, usually leads to them coming loose and unthreading. No matter how much you tighten the jam nuts, a few hits on rocks will knock them loose. Use all RH on the lowers. Uppers is nice to have easy adjustment though.
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