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Just wrappin up the 22re swap in the 83 shortbox...
Lets hope this place stays put!

Pozer Shot out back...
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Hi, I guess I like molesting Toyota and Chevy parts into calling it a Jeep thing. Not sure how I feel about that.
Taking Gary Bjork's old FJ62 and 4-speed swapping it, putting it on beadlocked 35's, adding a third (or even fourth) battery, large inverter, new front bumper, sliders, winch, and a small LPG system with furnace; converting the inside rear to sleeping quarters, and bringing it to KOH next year for his son to spectate and sleep in it.

Taking a rusty old FJ62 and meshing it with an even more rusty FJ60 for a "streetable" (yeah, barely street legal) off-road beater to trailer to the trails behind my RV.

Aside from that, possibly getting ready for Sturgis, but that's still up in the air as of now due to a lack of income from the beer flu.
Swapping in a one wire alternator and adding water to the front tires. Hoping to hit ten falls this weekend 😁
I actually took my project out wheeling this weekend. First realist trail run for the new motor and trans. Pretty stoked with it and the weather was awesome!

no new projects as of now, got an '85 I wheel a little, and a '97 I just finished, as a daily. but if we can post pics without hosting them, I'll get some up.



I guess there's no "Big Ghey Takama Land" here yet for Boogerwelds to ruin?:flipoff2:
Going to be trying to get my winch on before next weekend. A buddy wants to go wheel so fuck yea lets get dirty. Its been so long since I wheeled It should be humbling.
Saving for tons because I keep breaking shit. 96 Tacoma on 35s with 5.29s locked F&R

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Just got the 4runner out of the shop after a major frame repair and rear brake rejiggery. Did away with the factory proportioning valve and put in an adjustable ssbc one. Also dropped the trans pan and resealed it.


2nd gen pickup is in the shop now, was a 2wd sas that wasn't totally finished before being wheeled hard for a couple years, then abandoned in the woods with no hood or windows. Doing an ifs hub/landcruiser rotor swap, swapping to 4.56s, some dirt fields, flatbelly, new seats, new doors, fenders and hood, going to buy some jeep headlights and buckets since the factory Toyota ones were smashed off and replaced with tractor lights. Getting a flatdeck, sliders will be welded on properly, steering box plates, 10" rear shocks instead of the 14s that it has now, fix the front hardlines that aren't mounted to anything except the calipers and the soft lines....there's a lot of little shit. Basically all the little shit, some of the medium shit, and a bit of the big shit left to do 🤣
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Just got a box from marlin filled with 555 fj80 rod ends and matsubi u-joints.. I'm excited to do some maintenance.
Taking Gary Bjork's old FJ62 <snip>

There is an old school name😀

I've got one FJ55 that I'm trying to diagnose/fix drivability issues on. A few other misc issues are getting tinkered with. Hopefully by end of June I can hit Rubicon a few times. Here it is:

It doesn't do too well in snow without 4wd working:

I've got another FJ55 that I'm trying to stab a 472 big block cady into... stalled due to lack of welding gas :( Once the drivetrain is in, I can then start the four wheel steer king pin Dana 60 swap. No pics of this one... very rough :/
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My quick and easy rebuild isn't either of those things.

Wiring and fuel system and it'll run.
Let's give this a shot. Good to see some familiar rigs and users. Here's my current projects - What's left of an '82 pickup known as Piggy (It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere build on the late PBB :flipoff2:) and my 2000 4Runner (Fiona or Project Fuki) that I got for $700 and am slowly building into a DD-able all-around wheeler.



Put some new rock lights on for Fordyce shenanigans this weekend. Realized some rear upper links are getting wore out, trying to decide between fancy aluminum or just go the DOM route again.
My pile. Last time it was out the shop, damn near 2 years ago. Needs maybe 2-3 weekends worth of work and a set of tires to get it on the trails.

One of these days...