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Hottest Wife of IBB

Digging thru indoor boxes for my IR thermometer.

Must be fair in my assessment of temperature of said wifeness ●
Probably about 98ºF since I'm work and she's home. After 20m or so with me, I'm guessing closer to 100º judging by the veins bulging our of her temples.
It’s my wife’s birthday today. Totally spaced it out ;(. Thank god I was able to sneak out and grab a present otherwise she would be hot for a good week or two lol.
cold as ice right now, seems kinda frigid, since I bought a new gun yesterday.....

told her, she could shoot it too.

My driver’s license was technically expired during part of the pandemic crap because DMV was shut down. After I got my new license Mrs tells me, “Good... now you can go buy guns” (I have been looking for a shotgun, and talked about a revolver for her)

I think I’ll keep her :grinpimp:
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I think my wife is hot


Fuck who's wife the hottest! The real question is who's wife is still after that dick after 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, etc years of marriage?:flipoff2:

Menopause makes that very unlikely
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