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ford 105 rear differences.


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Jul 12, 2020
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i have a 2004 f250 I recently purchase to be my tow pig. I need to replace the rear end. but i am noticing on newer trucks they are a bit different and in typical ford fashion even the earlier 99-2004 t Some have a yoke on the pinion and some like mine have a flat plate. my question is how different are they? Can i use parts of mine to swap? have the same gears un both just different wheel hubs . First picture is like mine. Second pic is from a newer truck. and 3rd is the weird plate my has instead of a yoke on the pinion. Any help would be appreciated.



in the 99-04 variety, the early ones had a strap yoke and the later ones had a flange yoke. The splines are the same so its swappable. But they do use a crush sleeve so not real convenient. Solid spacer kits are available and would be my recommendation anyway.
I know there were some internal differences also. I had ordered a diff cover from Ruffstuff several years back and the one i got from them didnt fit over the carrier caps. They re worked another one and made it right, but 6 months later i had someone from there contact me asking what year it was from. They ran into it again and were researching how to fix it. Probably just a casting difference.
There were a couple years somewhere in the '99-04 range where Ford ran slightly wider hubs and slightly more wheel backspace. I have no idea what years. I just know that the 2wd front hubs I grabbed from a junkyard didn't match the ones I had on the shelf.

Edit: Ignore that, just did some parts searching and one of the hub pairs I have on a shelf is from '05+

Flange yoke > everything else.
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There is a difference in rotors and front wheel hubs so there could be a different in the rears aswell.

We all know the -3/99 vrs +4/99 had some wierdness already.
there are coarse vr fine thread studs but there is also a rotor hat thickness change 10mm vrs 13mm but i dont know exactly when that changed

I just bought rotors and bearing for my 12/99 350 and the bearing was said to run from +4/99-04 so it could also be a country of origin issue.

I was told the other day that all -3/99 trucks were mexican.

Could also be 250 vrs 350 or even possibly excusion or diesel gas.

There are a couple good threads on pbb and possibly here now specificaly about all pooperduty axles
After 2005 the axles got wider. Wheel hubs, brake mounts are different. Gears and pinion flanges or yokes are interchangeable from 2010 and older.
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I went ahead and went thru mine. Typical Ford BS. Crap changed ever few months just to screw the owner.

Thanks for the reply everyone.
The one thing no one else has brought up yet is that the '11+ axles have a 37 spline pinion, so the yokes won't interchange with the older axles.
Anyone have a link to a vendor selling the companion piece/yoke for the pinion flange? Or a part number?
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