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F150 to F250 knuckle swap


May 20, 2020
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Mesa, AZ
I have a 77 f150. Will F250 knuckles be a direct swap? I want to keep all the F150 parts except the knuckles. (Axles, Spindles, brakes, 78-79 steering). It does appear thay the tierod mount is a little higher on the F250 knuckles.

hoping for a fast answer. I have a bent knuckle currently and have a set of F250 parts on hand but dont want to press these new balljoints until I know for sure. I figured it was a no brainer but there are some physical differences between the two i see.
Bummer...not the answer I was hoping for, but thanks for the replies.
what's the big early bronco yard off I17? Surely he's got one to sell you

I was looking for a complete d44 and coming up empty, I feel your pain

I think all these went under ttb trucks and full width swaps
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