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Do You Wheel Anymore?


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May 19, 2020
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Jacksonville, FL
I sold my wheeler in 2016 and ride a dual sport motorcycle now. As I got older upkeep on the rig just became too much work. Honestly I don't miss wheeling since I still get out there in other ways.

Do you wheel anymore?
If not, when did you quit?
Why did you quit?
Think you'll ever get back into it?
If you mean going on trail rides with a built crawler no. If you mean piss pound every vehicle In own in my pits, letting Jesus drive my leaf spring snowmobiles, launching my rzr off 4’ tall jumps, racing gokarts with plastic wheels ect then yeah.
Still wheel, and will until I physically can't anymore. Got rid of the trailered TJ before I moved to Texas and built my wife a 16 JKUR. Not as fun, but also alot less work & maintenance. I picked up a new Honda Talon a few months ago and am building a short course car out of it. If I couldn't play in the dirt in some form or another I think I would wither up and die!
Not as much as I'd like but been doing more mellow trails since I don't want the expense of a tow rig, trailer etc. Also been focusing more on race photos. For now, my little JK on 35's gets me out.
I parted out my jeep 10 years ago. I've done some wheeling as a passenger since then. I'm actually looking to buy something 4x4 again as my family is in a better place now.
now that i have my health back, ohhh hell ya, heep been in storage for 3 years . getting it out of the moth balls in the next few weeks. going to work on it all summer and hit rausch creek in the early fall.
Do you wheel anymore? - No more fullsize wheeling for me, only atv's now
If not, when did you quit? - 2010 ish
Why did you quit? - My son was born and wheeling went to the wayside for a while. It got to the point where looking at my rig (and what needed to be done just to get it to the trail) made me feel exhausted, so it got sold.
Think you'll ever get back into it? - Maybe? Now that my son is old enough, we ride quads together on a regular basis, so that scratches the itch for the time being.

Maybe once a year. nobody can get their stuff together long enough to go anymore.
I wheel a few times a year, not as much as I would if I lived where it was convenient. No room to store a crawler or trailer, so wife and I get our middle-of-nowhere fix in JK on 37s that we have to drive to/from the trails (i.e., I'm not your rig-floppin' hero). Hope to get out of the Bay Area before I retire, maybe within a couple years, but not counting those unhatched chickens just yet. Would love to drive < 1/2 hour to trails.

Built a DR650 (reliable though heavy dualsport bike) a few years ago, but back pain ruins longer rides, so really can't enjoy the bike like I'd hoped - I should probably sell it :frown: Want to pull my Baja out of storage, knock 15 years of dust off & rebuild it into a Manxter DSBE replica for high-speed shenanigans. That's probably as close to a DS bike as I'll get going forward.

Rambling . . . TL/DR = yes, I wheel, but not nearly enough
Yeah I wheel. Not really for the sake of driving over stuff anymore, more with a destination or activity goal. Hunting, fishing, camping, find a plane wreck, etc. I have a 92 runner kinda stock, rear locker, taco take off wheels and tires, bumpers and sliders. Its a hunting and camping rig for the most part.

Working on resurrecting a second gen 2wd that was sas'd with low attention to detail, beaten mercilessly for a couple years and abandoned in the woods with no hood for a couple more. It's a slow process.

And my DD superduty is getting more and more offroad usable...building a flatdeck, workin on a winch bumper, bigger tires. Mostly making a more capable but not BGTL type rig.
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Not in at least 5 years. Rig got to squirrely to drive to the trails and I didn't have a tow rig. Now I have a tow rig, and bought a trailer this year.

installing FI next weekend, and the 220:1 arb'ed front and rear, disc brakes all around EB will be back on the trails this year. First time I will be able to use the Klune-V and tru high 9 I installed 3 years ago other than driving around the hood to keep things lubed and functional:homer:
Still do and will continue to do so. I tried the "wheel what you drive" for a while. No can do anymore because the mild trails do nothing for me. I have a dedicated tow rig that I dont have to daily and its paid for. If I had more expendable income I would go 2-3 times a month. Have to settle for 8-10 trips a year instead.
Not in the last 5 years, had to sell off alot of stuff and downsize. hope to be back into a new house in a few years with a shop, so i can get back to building a new truck
I never really did but I am working on getting into it. It's flat where I live so mostly I would drive around in the river bed.
Do you wheel anymore? - not really, unless up on the farm chasing hogs counts?
If not, when did you quit? Mostly sept 2016, when my Rzr got stolen
Why did you quit? Went from a ghetto fabulous Jeep I built to a Rzr for efficiency. Then the Rzr got stolen.
Think you'll ever get back into it? Not like before, but I still have 2 jeeps and need to set them up a bit better than they are. I still have some good parts to make a decent rig out of one of them.
Does my driveway count? :flipoff2: 1/2 mile of rutted all to hell dirt road, rougher than a lot of "trails" here on the east coast. I like it that way, keeps the riff-raff out, cops too. :laughing:

Other than that don't get much wheelin' in, the club my wife and I used to run with broke up years ago...
Texas here, we wheel most weekends. Membership out at Hidden Falls Adventure Park and have Wolf's Cave & Katempcy just up the road then Gilmer and other spots not to terribly far.

No club affiliations. Just family with 2 heeps having a blast breaking shit!
Yes, waiting for some tires I ordered 2 weeks ago. Might have to cancel and order from someone else.
Not since last year. Nothing was wrong with the Jeep either but I decided to tear it down for "upgrades". Life is just not what it used to be. I don't hunt as much anymore or fish for that matter. I don't do much fun stuff anymore. I've fallen into the rut of being a grown up with constant house projects and fixing all the shit the kids break. I bought a damn jon boat and have used it twice. The sad part is I don't need anything really to fix the Jeep. It's just a matter of a few weekends of putting the shit back together.
I parted out my Toyota back in 2012. I have a 4 door Tracker that can do some cruising around in the woods but nothing extreme. I have a dual sport motorcycle that sees the trails now a days.
I still wheel the Jeep I built on the other site plus got into wheeling a RZR. The Jeep has the OPDA problem. I going to put new cam/lifters/OPDA soon. We have a trip to Colorado set up this summer with it.

Spent the day upgrading the toyhauler. Installed Ford TPMS, rear camera and some sort of yaw/sway control on it. Spent way too much time running the camera wiring so it wouldn't get snagged. We have a RZR trip to S.M.O.R.R. coming up. Can't wait to hook up the new tow rig and head out!!
I haven't wheeled in almost 2 years. I still have a few rigs. But I put all that on hold at the moment.

I get people trying to talk me into building them a rig all the time. I wish I could but I just don't have time. This farm build is a crazy amount of work. I'm basically getting home at 9:30pm every day, 7 days a week.

I did have to lock my truck in 4wd today crossing a ravine. My truck is locked on 37" bias treps so technically it's wheeling. But not by my standards.
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