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May 20, 2020
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Northfield Vermont
First bit of this is on the other site, but didnt miss much.

Super low budget truck. A buddy bought as a motor donor, came with a marlin 10* doubler and a bunch of other rando parts about 2 years ago. . Now its stock on 35s with the doubler and hand rail bumpers. bad body rust, solid frame. EMT exhaust, zero leaf spring bushings, broken leafs in each pack I have about 10 acers that it lives on, 1/2 feild 1/2 woods. And this truck is awesome for quick hot laps through the woods. Truck is such a blast. Hes been slowly collecting parts and were slowly moving towards solid axle.








Where were at now: Trunions are just about done, rest of the axle will go together soon. Just basic SA hubs with wheel spacers. nothing fancy.

These cost as much as the whole truck


Congrats. You have ensured that axle will bend just outboard of the driver side spring perch if it’s not already. It happens on every single housing.
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Congrats. You have ensured that axle will bend just outboard of the driver side spring perch if it’s not already. It happens on every single housing.

Oh good I missed the old site with accusations instead of questions. Duh, toy axles are just wear items. However, axle is not bent, confirmed before and after welding. and the shock mounts have 1/4 inch plate connecting them to the perches, there is no gap, trussed all the way across. What else you got?

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20 years and 5 Toyotas later. I know more than you.:flipoff2:
Cool build. Trussed or not trussed, toy axles bend. Aisin like many crossover guys here know what's what and what it'll do before it does it. Part of the charm of this forum is busting balls and your's will get busted at some point. Think pappy telling the young pup not to touch the hornet's nest and the pup immediately walks over and pokes the nest. Then pup wonders why he got stung. :flipoff2:

You're time and money ahead throwing that housing at the scrap pile. I've bent 2 or 3 trussed housings and went aftermarket.
20 years and 5 Toyotas later. I know more than you.:flipoff2:

Keep it up. I like it.

. Aisin like many crossover guys here

What the hell kinda place is this! lol.

I said toy axles were a wear item, what else do you want. Im not saying it wont bend, I just said I did my due diligence to make keep it straight (per the old pirate bible, my name is different, but ive been on the other site since 2011) , This it not my first axle build. Its not even my truck.. I guess you could call it my version of "poop pipe buggy" This whole truck is nothing but something to do.

I think its funny that out of all the other things wrong with this sheet box truck, you bash the one thing that will probably out last the rest of the truck.. Like I said to aisin..what else you got?

Maybe if you built your axle right, it wouldn't bend.. lol (just starting shit)

And what good is a post without a picture...

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Chromo hub gears in, and axle is finished.



And the runner doing what is does best, provide smiles. Next move if bringing it in and start cutting.


I was not very nice to my old pickup on 38.5" Boggers, and in the 10 years of abuse I went through 2 stock/trussed housings.

Still had less money invested at that point compared to buying a fabricated housing.
Your spacers aren't big enough, do you want the 3" ones off of my unbent stock housing running 40's? :flipoff2:

Keep the updates coming,
Mock up. Frames mostly cleaned up, running 51" rufs, box is up against the body mount, may have to cut into it a c hair more. Flat pitman arm is on the way.

Have Bilstiens and tall tg hoops, and the frame will be plated

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We needed a little more candle power than the drag-gun could put out for the frame holes, had to spring for some torches. ( I had the regs/torches, just needed to pony up and buy the tanks)


I made the cart from old bed frame and some extra wheels, the handle is one of the torsion bars we cut out of the runner.


With the rear hole cut, we could do a little better mock up/ spring flex/ shock measure. Front hanger is tacked in place, everything should start to fall into place.


Made some good progress this week. The runner rolled out of the garage last night. Still needs shocks/hoops and the springs are FLAT at ride height. Which isnt bad, but I think he wanted it a little taller, so some ome spring may make its way on to here.







Shock front shocks/hoops up next, then well start on the 63s in the rear.
Couple test flex pics while it was out of the garage. Looks like I could have gone a little farther forward with the front hanger, but it is what it is now. Maybe well see how it does with a slightly shorter shackle after driving it a bit.




Ended up having to cut and turn the tabs on the TG shock hoops to make them fit the 14"shocks. Grabbed some tabs from a friends shop that seemed to work pretty well, but came pretty close to the intake on the pass side.



TG bumps and stops. Will probably end up drilling holes in the bump to help it flex a little.


All welded and painted



And he picked up a set of 36x13.5 iroks to run on this for now.


Square shaft parts on the work bench now, should be 4wd by the end of the week then we can start on the rear.
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Good ole toyota 4 spline. Uses 2x2x.25 wall for one side and receiver tubing for the other, and some stock toyota joints. I posted this on sloppy mechanics over the weekend and people about lost their minds lol.



Got the brakes plumed (but I think the master went bad) and tires mounted and time to take it for a 4wd drive.

But first some stripes..




I like to sticker drive shafts and watch them get scratched off.


Rear is still 100% stock, well be starting on that this weekend.



And with the top back on


4xi engine mounts and sliders soon too.



And one more of the runner.

Got the rear chopped out. Will go through the axle: fresh brakes, weld the diff, a little paint then get it back under the truck with some chevy springs using skys kit.


Instead of working on this, we took advantage of the fresh snow and did a little wheelin. (thats my truck with he orange plastic on the cage)





Fricken love snow wheelin.
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I did not weld this diff. But was pleasantly surprised to see it solid when we pulled it from the donor axle. You always have to wonder how other people weld their diffs.


Fresh drum brakes minus the ebrake stuff.


It will get rear armor and some sort of lower shock mount soon, but for now ready to go back under the truck.


My super high tech measuring jig. Moved the hangers 10 inches forward, which put the rear mount right behind the factory one with 45* shackle at ride height.



And picked up a piece of 2.5" schedule 40 for the rear shaft.

Rear shocks and bumps in. Bilstine 5125 14" shocks and cheap o energy suspension bumps. f250 shock towers to try and cut a smaller hole in the bed. should work pretty well. Also made a mount for the gas tank out of old bed frame, even used the post caps. Tossed on a rear diff guard and made some better rear panels from scrap lauan.



Painted with shocks in.





Some sliders coming up next. Goal is to have this "ready" for a June 12 event.
Holy fucking rust. I do not miss that shit at all.
Hate rust Lol. The 02 sensor blew out of the pipe before it went into the garage.. ill grab a pic later.. its gross.

4xinnovation sliders going on next. Got the pass side all tacked on last night, will finish welding today, then flip it around and do the drivers side.


The front leg got trimmed to match the angle of the frame, but besides that they went right on.





Didnt get pics, but the the frame was plated where the tubes weld on. We cut up into the body till the trim line and the sliders are pretty much flat. about 1.5 of clearance with the door open. Well be pioviting around trees in no time.
seeing all that rust reminds me of mine
looking good man
Next on the list is 4xi engine mounts and build the horse collar cross member. Then some sort of exo cage before it gets flopped. Then well take it somewhere other than around my property, which this truck has now out grown.

Anyone got any good 4runner cage designs?


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