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May 19, 2020
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I know we had a thread on this over on the old board, but couldn't find one here.

Summit Racing - tl;dr ordered a distributor from them a few years ago. FedEx skipped my delivery entirely and sent it back without any attempt to redeliver. Summit sent me another one for free overnight and made sure they used another carrier instead of FedEx for it.

Dixxon Flannel - Ordered a number of flannels and shirts from them over the years when they've been on sale, good shit. Ordered a couple workshirts from them recently and they sent me two long sleeve instead of short sleeve on accident. Only requested a pic of them and the packing slip, and they sent me the correct ones same day. Told me to just keep the long sleeves they sent by mistake.

Invisible Ink Tattoo Removal - Friend got a job with them when they first opened and they were offering free removals in exchange for being able to use pics from the process in advertising. Had one I wasn't all that happy with that I was going to get covered up later, figured this would make that easier. Anyway, turned out to be two free sessions then they'd do the rest at 1/2 price, estimated 4 sessions total for me. Did the two free ones, manager comes in to discuss setting up the rest. Went from 2 sessions to 10 for like $4k. :mad3: Walked out pissed as hell. My friend that worked there found out they were doing that and quit.
Like a month later I get a call from corporate apologizing asking me to call them back. Apparently they found out what that manager was doing and fired her for it and were calling everyone involved and offering them unlimited sessions for free, in writing without anything in exchange, until they were satisfied with the results. Ended up going back twice. Still need to get what's left covered up at some point though.
RAM Mounts: Have broken two composite arms. Took pics, uploaded them to their warranty site, replacements in the mail next week for free.

Kleen Canteen: double wall vacuum insulated thermos lost its seal. Took pics, emailed, new one in the mail a few days later.
Camplux. Make all kinds of RV shit but I bought one of their stand alone propane camp shower unts. All excellente' until the batteries quit connecting to the board that ignites. I texted them, got a text back within 5 minute sWTF is this ? They sent me a new battery holder free, no shipping just like that. Got here in 3 days. Damn. best CS I have had in years. https://camplux.com/
Gerber multitools. Broke one by being a jackass, picture made it obvious I was a jackass, even called myself a jackass in the email and asked if I could just buy the part I needed. They sent out a new one no questions asked. Even upgraded me to a special edition model to match the old one that wasn't made anymore
edit: Fuck Kroger, they've gone down hill big time in the last couple years. Customer service sucks dick now too.
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Costco - returns are simple and quick

Kleen Canteen - got a free 32 oz bottle which I didn’t ask for / expect (have an older Hydro Flask which outperforms their 64 oz bottle and I was only inquiring about a replacement cap)

SuperMiata - ordered suspension parts and thought my sway bar end-links were missing, they were ready to overnight them to me, no questions asked. Ended up with them being packed into a balljoint packaging. Owner himself kept in contact with me, while we worked on a resolution.

TireRack - prompt and courteous customer service, bought many sets of tires through them.
Lugnut4X4. Ordered 14 bolt disc brake kit. Didn`t open it till months later. Wrong mounting brackets. They paid return mailing and sent correct ones right away. Nice guy and polite
Funny people mention kleen canteen, they're local here, they won't sell products at their facility :homer:

High Angle Driveline. He's local, and the first time I went in there, I was about 19. He gave me a great deal and always get things done in a timely manner.

Lotus chicom plasma cutter. Bought off Amazon for like $300. Worked great for almost a year, then let the smoke out. :laughing: I emailed them, they sent a shipping label, and within hours of it getting scanned in they sent me a whole brand new machine.

Costco as mentioned
Before it went all ghey, Filson.
Hanks Belts.
Lian Li

Bought some computer fans from them about a week ago. Installed last week and one was dead out of the box with a seized bearing. Put an RMA request in Friday and they shipped me a replacement from Taiwan yesterday. I just checked the tracking and it's already out for delivery. Granted it's a relatively inexpensive part (~$35 USD), but I can't believe they not only got it out to me that fast but even overnighted one from the other side of the planet.
Discount tire - always has been great to me, even balanced beadlocks despite having "not DOT approved" stamped all over the wheel.

jess at high angle driveline - nuff said
Amazon - pretty awesome customer service if you ever have to call them. Dipshit delivery driver put shit in my mailbox and the post office took it and wanted to charge me shipping for the them to pick it up. I got a full refund, plus the post off fee and they overnighted me a new item. Pretty awesome in my book, I was in the phone for less than 10mins.

American express - same as amazon, they kick ass if you ever have to call them.

Fidelity investments - super nice on the phone and in person
Vortex, I ordered a range finder from a discount site, they sent to wrong address. I called vortex direct and they overnighted me one, no questions asked. They are bad ass.
Skinny Pedal Racing - Trip has always been fantastic to deal with and recently stepped in to help out a guy going through a hard time. We had a club member whose wife passed away in a kayaking accident this year, our club bought him axle shafts for his truck and Trip gave us a great price on them. Can't say enough about the quality of service he provides at Skinny Pedal.

Super short wait times on the phone, and everyone speaks english. 5 stars

I'd agree for Business... but not residential. I still think forcing all drug purchases through comcast residential would result in the most sober populous ever.
My post was sarcastic

Thank God... I was dialing 911 figuring you were having a stroke.

Does the IRS count? Or the Taxpayer Advocate Service? Given both toll free lines take you to the exact same IVR system? :lmao::lmao:
X2 discount tire. They did a bunch of extra crap for me when I was squaring away tires and wheels on my old truck. I had a few bent wheels and they spun them for me. Let me know what was straight and what was bent.

Colorado Driveshaft. We installed one in my friend's Mercedes E500 AWD wagon (that thing is a beast). All good. I put grease in everything but they were pre-greased. A year later, he has a knocking noise and its the front. He called them (of course end of day) and they stayed late to build him a replacement and got it out to him. Good folks.

ARBUSA has been good to me. I've had a few little piddly crap go bad, out of warranty and they just sent me the replacement parts.

Firestone Tire. Get my alignments there. Seems like they are good people.
Thank God... I was dialing 911 figuring you were having a stroke.

Does the IRS count? Or the Taxpayer Advocate Service? Given both toll free lines take you to the exact same IVR system? :lmao::lmao:

Last week: "Your wait time is....45 minutes." [click]
Last week: "Your wait time is....45 minutes." [click]

IRS's IVR is so f'n circular... and then finally get to something that sounds like it might get me within the correct hemisphere... "your call cannot be connected"...

Looks at taxpayer bill of rights... "#2 - the right to quality service" :lmao:
IRS's IVR is so f'n circular... and then finally get to something that sounds like it might get me within the correct hemisphere... "your call cannot be connected"...

Looks at taxpayer bill of rights... "#2 - the right to quality service" :lmao:

I actually got to a service rep after waiting. Nice lady took my info, said "Can you hold? I'll be right back". [dial tone]


Just so I can give them money. :mad3:

Speaking of, got to go do that again...
Drop.com, formerly Mass Drop

Hifiman headphones I bought from them last year fell apart. Cheap by planar magnetic standards, but still over $200. Reached out to Hifiman for the warranty not realizing they were Chinese. Fuckers wanted me to pay shipping to them for the old pair and shipping for a new pair, both to and from China for well over what I paid originally.

Reached out to drop even though the warranty wasn't through them. Sent me a return shipping label same day and had a new pair to me in a couple days.
USAA. Really good customer service, good banking, good insurance, and have made me solid returns on my 401K.
Mcmaster-Carr. The only company I can text about any product they have and get technical questions answered almost immediately.

Veto Pro Pac tools bags. Though they're catering HVAC guys now more than Heavy Industrial technicians.
I ran over my primary tool bag one day and blew out one of the big zippers. I emailed Veto asking if they would service the bag explaining what I did and making it clear that I fucked the bag up... They didn't care, said warranty would cover it, and had me send it in.
They reconditioned the bag, and replaced both primary zippers, AFTER SENDING ME A NEW BAG TO WORK OUT OF UNTIL I GOT MINE BACK FROM THEM!!!

I didn't even pay for shipping.
Redoxx will do the same with their bags.

Trex arms

And 3rd McMaster. Grainger guy hates me for using them but hey they kick ass.
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