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Christmas present scores


Broke Bastard
May 19, 2020
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North Idaho
I didn't see it posted yet.

I got...
m12 hatchet (6" chainsaw)
Milwaukee pack out light Milwaukee m18 planer
and various smaller things.

Whatcha get?
My neighbor gave me an 18V milwaukee set (sawzall, 8 inch circular saw, drill, and impact).

Kids got me an air fryer.
I got a milwaukee screwdriver set. I know, huge haul so you should all be jealous. :laughing:
Well almost but I think customs got all of the good stuff.
Duluth sweatshirt, festool rolling cart, jeopardy book and a kick ass wooden bottle opener.
Bottle of whiskey from a buddy and some cash from mom. Kid made out like a bandit though. Half a dozen various trucks and tractors, couple books, Buzz and Woody and a bunch of other little stuff
Nothing, we buy things throughout the year as we need them.

I am tasked with being a Santa tonight, have the entire outfit and soon wife's cousins will be bringing the gifts for the kiddos (going into Santa's bag of course)...
Ryobi cordless die grinder and some nerd stuff..... Xbox Series X and a Logitech X56 HOTAS
We bought a lot of shit for the Jeep and I got lasik this year so Just clothes for me and a Box fan to replace the one the wife broke. :laughing:
And I just bought myself a lifetime CA fishing license with the add on package.
a couple of rain defender carhartt hoodies, a 40v blower for the garage, dropped 5 hundy for local foodbank and another 5 hundy for local foster kids, a coupldenew ball caps, my wife's aunt gave me four handles of Tito's for fixing her outdoor fireplace (I wouldn't let her pay me, so she gifted me) I have no idea how long it will take to drink it. I regifted one to the neighbor on each side of us.

Got Prime Rib cooking. Good haul.
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