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Boy I wish...

Mr Stubs

Taste my rainbow, bitches
May 19, 2020
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Land of liquid sunshine
....we had a cooking forum.

I have been in the mood to make some ass gass soup, so I soaked a pound of beans last night..

You could just take over the trailer park.... it doesn't get much traffic anyway ;)
I just butchered my first whole brisket. Should have snapped some pics for you fuckers to tell me what I did wrong. I ended up with a couple odd pieces. Not that big a deal the way the wife cooks it in the slow cooker.
You lost me at carrots and celery. You put the punctuation on it with the purple fag knife. Otherwise, I was on the train.
WTF is with these people? "OMG a purple knife? I might suck a dick if I'm seen using that!"

That shit looks pretty damn tasty.
Looks delicious, agreed on the corn bread. Can't beat famous daves corn bread mix.
Lol, my “purple fag knife” is a end of year, $5 Kershaw factory sale, knife.

I’m a function over form guy.

I've spent enough time in a pro kitchen to be a bit of a knife snob. I run Henkles Pro, Dexter Pro, & Kikuchi Razor. Kershaw sounds like "hatchet" in a kitchen. Flame away.
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