1. bossplow2010

    Do you guys take pictures of your food?

    Not big on taking pictures of what I eat, so I’ll start it off with a picture of a drink, Hot chocolate w/ Cool hwhipp.
  2. trampas

    Fast food spinoff; how long have you gone...

    Without throwing up. :barf: McDonald's will last in infamy as the only place that upon the first time i ate there, i threw up right out the window of the back seat of the car after getting drive thru at approx 14yo. But to the point of the spinoff, it's been since 1992 since i've vomited...
  3. Mr Stubs

    Boy I wish...

    ....we had a cooking forum. I have been in the mood to make some ass gass soup, so I soaked a pound of beans last night..
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