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Axle alignment bar and pucks

Yes whatever is holding it bent needs to be cut, then jacked to straighten. You'll just fight it if not

Edit: and noticed your table....even if you cut off the truss welds that table doesn't look "stiff" enough for the axle to bend straight....the table looks like it's what's gonna bend when you pump the jack.
First thing I'm doing in the morning is going to buy more bottle jacks:homer:

Joking. I already mentioned cutting the truss - I worked on this for about an hour today after not even seeing it for the past month. Going to check the tubes first to make sure they're not bent, and if they're good go from there...
Gonna make my alignment bar out of 1.5” DOM & fill it with some ‘Target Fine Traffic Patch’ concrete to give it added stiffness.
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