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Anyone get snipped?


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May 30, 2020
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I got lucky with a 2017 daughter and 2018 son - we like to bang. Didnt slip one past till we were trying on #1, #2 came from banging after the shock of #1. Moved to a bigger place ( last was 2 bed 1000sf) in Feb. Wife wants another on and off. Been debating getting the scissors out but on the fence... i don't want some mental bullshit down the line - anybody have success or regret to share?
I’ve got 4 kids. That’s enough. I got snipped. No big deal. Follow the instructions they give and you’ll be fine. Oh, but a jock strap. Not compression shorts. A real deal bean bag.
Haven't been snipped, but the reversal rate can be as high as 90%, depending on which procedure was used for the snipping.
I'll try to summarize, we had a miscarriage, healthy boy, ~2 year gap, let's try for #2, 2 miscarriages, then a molar pregnancy (can turn into cancer, have to wait a year to try again) another healthy boy exactly 5 years apart. Couldn't quite decide if we were done or not, then bam 3rd heathy boy :laughing: 14 mo's after #2. Got snipped pretty soon after that.

Don't regret getting fixed at all. I'm sure we would have been happy with 2, but I feel like there might have been that "what if" especially with only boys.

To sum it up, take precautions, if you aren't sure, wait a bit.

Also, from personal experience, if you're doing the time of the month method, talk about which days are clear or not clear before you start. Asking the moment you need to pull out isn't the most effective. :flipoff2::laughing:
About half an inch got snipped

Yup. Twice.

First one healed back, making me still fire hot rounds. Really wasn’t that big of a deal on that one. Took a Friday off to get it done, back to work Monday.

Second snip sucked big time. Doctor was bound and determined to get the blanks rolling on this go round, so lots of burning. That time felt similar to what I imagine a glowing hot piece of rebar getting crammed into your coin purse would feel like. Recovery took closer to a week for that one.

Best part of it all is that you have to clear thee ol’ pipes, allot, before you get tested to see if it worked, a job that I happily delegated to the dishwasher.
Had it done 18 years ago, haven't regretted it.

One son born preemie 1lb 9oz, no reason why. We had no real complications compaired to some of the families in the NICU other than waiting for lungs to grow so he could go home. Spending time in the NICU was a sobering experience and a little of a scare tactic. so much so the wife was off on having more. kid is 20 years old. and healthy.
Done on a Friday, rented movies for the weekend (Yep, it was that long ago) and was back to work Monday. Little ache over the weekend like got kicked in the balls.....an hour ago.

Mine has an accompanying horror story where I was the 1% that shit went sideways but I will leave all that out.
Been thinking about it. I have zero kids and am not interested in having any either.

My health insurance will cover it too.

Learned I was "resistant" to anesthetic during the procedure. :shocked:

Recovery was easy, but milked it playing video games and not doing shit for a few days.

Wife was saying she was nervous with live fire. Blanks didn't increase frequency, so I'm neither regretful or happy with decision.
I'm really against the idea so I'm trying to convince the wife to get her tubes tied or whatever they do to girls these days
Getting snipped for you is a lot less dangerous than it is for your wife. I mean really, it is something where you just need to man up, if you decide some one needs to do it.
As for me, I got snipped about 22 years ago. I wish it would have led to increased relations, and it did, for a week or two. I also got epididymitis. It is an infection. You know that feeling where you get kicked in the balls? Well, imagine that feeling, consistent for hours. I have a very high pain tolerance. I do fillings without novacaine. I have broken bones, and never taken pain killers. This had me doubled over in pain, unable to move. When the hot chick took an ultrasound of my junk, there was nothing that happened. They gave me a couple of rounds of morphine, and it didn’t touch it. Antibiotics took care of it faster than the morphine did, and a couple of hours later, I could almost walk.
It’s 45 minutes. Do it on a Thursday, take Friday off, get some frozen peas and sit in your sweats all weekend and BAM Monday you’re back at it.
A few years back, on April Fools Day of all days!

done on Friday, back to desk job on Monday. I was swollen for a few weeks.

I put it off for a few years out of fear. Finally made the decision when the fear of having another was greater than the fear of the process.

Fear of of starting over, not sleeping, the diapers, the stroller, the car seat, ugh. Was out of that for a few years and getting back into it, no way. Might have been 39, the thought of having a five year old at 45, no way. Enjoying the daughter that I have, I was happy stopping at one.
had 2 kids 14mo apart. got fixed

then a parade of my wifes friends husbands followed suit... so far 2 have had reversals. one i know was about $8500 and the other all i know is it was under 10k.

dont be a sheep. make your own choice.
Did it many years ago. The worst part was seeing smoke rise up from my crotch when the vas deferens were cauterized. Best part was no unexpected oopsies later. Two wonderful daughters is more than enough for us.

One other side effect, no one would eat frozen peas for a year afterwards.
I had mine done and was served divorce papers the following month. That was pleasant. Recovery sucked and took over a week. One side partially reattached so I still have live rounds, albeit a lot less ammo. All around a huge fail.

Fast forward a few years and girlfriend I have now is definitely wife material, so I am looking into a complete reversal. Not looking forward to the pain, but our future children will be worth it.

Go for it. There is way less risk for you to have it done than for her to have anything done. Just make sure you are actually done with kids before having the procedure.
The procedure was not great, especially the part what I could still feel lefty, but okay. The first seven days I took it easy and had no problems. After that was another story. Huge swelling followed by a constant six or eight months of ache. It’s been almost four years and I am way more sensitive (in a bad way) and prone to bouts of swelling and pain. I like not having more kids but not sure I would do it again.
I'm really against the idea so I'm trying to convince the wife to get her tubes tied or whatever they do to girls these days

That's a much more major deal than the dude version. Like full surgery. Don't be a dick, just get it done. :flipoff2:​​​​​​

I watched mine pretty close, I'm 60% sure I could replicate it with an exacto knife and a soldering iron if you want to save some money :flipoff2:
Done years ago, no lasting side effects unlike my double hernia surgery. Right after I should have taken it easier but fuck following instructions.
It’s 45 minutes. Do it on a Thursday, take Friday off, get some frozen peas and sit in your sweats all weekend and BAM Monday you’re back at it.

This was my experience, but I did it on Friday. By Sunday I was 70% drove am hour to look at a small dirt bike, test drove it, loaded it into the wife's truck with a shell and no ramp, then drove home. Monday I was back to work climbing in and out of equipment. I could feel that something happened for a week or so, but I wouldn't even call it sore.
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