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50 HP DC to Jeep T90 Conversion - Jeepney Project


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Feb 3, 2021
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Richmond / Cville - VA
I am helping out on a pretty interesting EV project. Local guy is building an EV Converted Philippines Jeepney. He has a liquid cooled 50 hp motor from another conversion project that was parted out and asked me to do some of the machine work.

The plan is to keep the T90 and adapt the DC motor to the transmission so that the clutch a flywheel still work.

It came with a water jetted aluminum adapter plate and some other adapter from where it was a direct drive to some other gearbox.

I wasn't a fan of the flywheel and clutch just hanging off the end of the motor shaft so am recessing a big sealed bearing into the mounting bracket and then machining a hub that has a keyway to drive from the motor shaft and then will have a Flange cut, drilled, tapped, and TIG welded / remachined for the flywheel to attach to.

Will be beefing up the bell housing adapter for it all to mount to.


Flywheel, motor mount ring, and the hub adapter it came with.


Big roller bearing will get sunk flush into the motor mount ring and be pinned against the bell housing plate.


Gonna machine a plate that is welded and tapped and broadens the hub there to bolt the flywheel to and simulate the end of the crankshaft.
Snap ring groove to hold the spud here from sliding out past the trapped bearing.

Waiting on some hardware and then will do some more machine work and post more pics later.

had to google what a jeepney was. looks like they could be done up cool.

what are his plans with it? wheeler, just the road, restore?
had to google what a jeepney was. looks like they could be done up cool.

what are his plans with it? wheeler, just the road, restore?
I think its going to be his local run around / shop truck. He specializes in MB, GPW, and early CJ restorations. He owns one of the first production Bantams actually.
Got the 4 jaw chuck swapped onto the lathe and machined out the water jetted aluminum adapter hub that came with the motor. The 120mm OD bearing is a nice snug press fit now and now I need to get my plasma table back up and running so that I can rough cut the faux crankshaft flange to weld onto the stub here and then remachine it all. I'll probably broach the keyway last.



Cut the flange and ugly TIG'd it to the hub.

Then turned it, drilled and tapped to to match the flywheel - has (4) 3/8 bolts and (2) 7/16 bolts... weird.



Broached the keyway and since I didn't broach it into a blind recess, I wanted a way to keep the key from sliding out so drilled and counterbored a socket screw that bottomed out just at the right depth that a little nub protrudes into the keyway slot.

Cut out the thickening plate to mount to the bell housing plate that the owner already has and this thing should be good to go for him to weld up and install the rest of the way.


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