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  1. holdmypocket

    REVR Kit

    This looks promising: https://www.fastcompany.com/90967095/this-inexpensive-kit-can-make-your-gas-car-electric A “bolt on” hybrid kit would be nice for turning a wheeling rig into something more daily driver-able.
  2. Edison Motors

    https://www.edisonmotors.ca/ Not a big EV fan, but I am not seeing really any down side cliffs smaller diesel gen set EV axels battery banks/re gen brake easy to work on, using off the shelf parts run electric need a recharge, run the gen set for 30 min and keep going solar on the trailers...
  3. JNHEscher

    DC in a Subaru

    Been wanting to ditch the EJ life and go zappy in the scoob. My thoughts were to go with a forklift or golf cart motor. From what I can find, even the performance motors from Plum Quick won't have enough cojones to move an Outback at reasonable speeds. Reason for DC - lower...
  4. Lil'John

    How do I size motor and/or battery capacity?

    The title is the generic. My interest is a drivetrain for an empty Honda Civic that would be grocery getter and lake runner. First part of the question is how do I select a 'good' motor size? Missing engine is 60hp/76ft-lbs is ~227lbs while car weighs ~1500lbs:homer: Related question #1...
  5. J1000

    EVSwap Land Cruiser 80 Series

    Check out my EV Land Cruiser conversion. I have a full build thread here but I thought this would be a good spot to unload my photos and videos of the thing in action. Build thread: Electric Land Cruiser 80 Series The truck uses a motor, battery, and other electronics from a 2017 Nissan LEAF...
  6. Battery Sizing

    Just left chit chat and found this forum. I'm "wanting" to build a 2 seater UTV sized EV with 4 frame mounted independent motors driving portal boxes on the end of independent suspension. Found some lightweight axial high power motors (50 hp each continuous 81 HP peak iirc) and high voltage...
  7. Tinstar

    Tools for EV's?

    Stopped by NAPA today and learned they are releasing a line of tools made to work on EV's. Supposed to be released first of the month. Is that something that is needed? I haven't worked on any EV's. This is the sample set being shown around.
  8. EVolveRacing

    EVolve Racing the Tes-Ten tesla powered S10

    We will start this thread for anyone that wants to build an Ev. Will help as much as we can with our experience in Ev. As this is my first Ev build. This has been my crawler from back in 2002 been through many changes over the years now its a Ultra4 race truck for the Ev class. Im not an...
  9. Hub motors for 4wd?

    Anyone know anything about using hub motors to get front drive for a RWD vehicle?
  10. AgitatedPancake

    Different types of EV configurations

    So let's start the conversation. I don't have proper terminology for almost any of this, so if you know the proper language for the industry, please chime in. Motor configurations: 1) Simply replace a gas engine with an electric motor, leave the transmission, transfer case, axles as they are...
  11. Pyleit

    1st post

    Does this count? Mods are full body PPF (suntek reaction ceramic infused film) and suntek evolve 30% tint all around as well as evolve 70% on windshield.