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2004 F250 Ignition harness


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May 27, 2020
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Morgantown, WV
I'm working with a guy who has a 2004 F250 and he's having some trouble with his ignition switch harness. does anyone know if there is any common things I should look for? we replaced the ignition switch but he's still having problems. It seems that when you manipulate the harness that we get some level of success so I would assume there is some kind of connection problem. he is experiencing intermittent stalling and also problems starting. I am going to run over and take a look at it after our shift. any kind of input from y'all is appreciated.
Unplug the connector and look for a burnt spot inside, usually right around one of the pins.
I had it apart and checked all around the pins, pulled on all the wires and tried my best to inspect the harness under the dash. I couldn't get it to shut down while messing with the wires so we drove it to the guys house. he dropped it at the Ford house this morning to get looked over. I feel bad for the guy. hes working up here in PA but is from TX. he doesnt have anything up here to fix it with and were doing 14 hour shifts so there isnt much time to deal with it. anyway, thanks for the reply.
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