1. Boss

    YJ sb350 to Griffin rad hose

    Anyone have a doner part # Lower hose. I have a good upper. I have one I've been using but it fits all weird. I don't like the universal types. I'm revamping my front end and would like a preformed one I can cut down. Anyone have a good solution? Part #?? :beer:
  2. Grendel

    A YJ build, Spare Parts.

    So a while back a buddy of mine acquired an 88 YJ, with an SBC, 700R4, NP231, a Ford 8.8 and a HP 30 front. 4" of lift springs, very little rot and bed liner applied every where. It was a "project", since the the guy who built it (not my buddy) didn't know what he was doing and everything went...
  3. FC4X4

    CO FS - 1995 Jeep Wrangler (YJ) Factory Service Manual

    $50.00 Used. Good condition. Located in Durango, CO.
  4. TX 95 Jeep YJ/CJ conversion, One tons, V8,

    I did some horse trading for this project, spent a little bit of cash on it and now I need to dump it to turn it into cash for something else. Clean Kentucky title, Originally started off as a 95 jeep YJ, CJ front end conversion with flat fenders front and rear, and flat dash. 318 V8 with...
  5. Thumping

    91 YJ runs rough until warmed up question

    Trying to help a friend diagnose an issue. Its a 91 YJ with a 4.0 5spd. When cold it starts fine but at about 2000 rpm is starts misfiring and back firing. Once warmed up it runs fine. Driving while its warm is fine but if its cold outside and the engine temps drop below around 210 it starts to...
  6. Modstockyj930

    2.0 LHU Ecotec swap 95 Yj

    I’m swapping in a 2011-2017 LHU 2.0 turbo ecotec into my 95 Yj. Beside the obvious like ECU, wiring harness, Bellhousing adapter, Torque converter support. What are some other things I’ll need? EGR delete? Block off plates? Thermostat housing? I already have a 904 and Dana 300. The 2.5 is on...
  7. Another YJ unlimited build

    I did the stretch on this when the `rona first took off. This is just a copy/paste of the thread I put up on colorado4x4.org, which used to be a great resource, but has been killed by modern social media. I cut the rig in April of 2020 and drove it in June, so that went fairly quickly. Since...
  8. TJ body on a yj frame

    Has anyone done this and if so what all was involved?

    HRDROKN's 1994 YJ stretch to 109"

    Almost complete with the Motobilt back half stretch... Front stretch details here.... https://irate4x4.com/threads/front-axle-stretch.395222/#post-1282241 :beer:
  10. bad zuki

    Crawler/Broverlander YJ Buildup

    Oh, Hamburgers, new thread on a new account, It feels like 2007 again.... Here is a samurai Ive been working on for a customer to get the Hardcore Jeep guys going. Anyways, I recently bought an old crawler off a friend of mine and this is going to be the long winded build thread to help me...
  11. cadman929

    Road tripping a yj on tons and 40’s

    Alright let me start off by saying this thread is starting after many phases of the jeep. I bought it 7 years ago pretty well stock. Traded some stuff for set of 79 f250 44/60 axles. Wheeled it until i hit a stump doing 50. Then it got a new frame and tons. But anyways theres some pictures in...
  12. TX_Jeep

    Jeep Wrangler YJ FSM Wiring Diagrams 2023-09-12

    1989 - 1995 Jeep YJ Factory Service Manual Wiring Diagrams
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