1. chaplinfj60

    wiring in simple battery meter

    good am all, so i ordered this off amazon, thought it would do what i want for a in the camper battery meter but why do i need this funky bar. i just dont under stand is all. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07T8GN61Z?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details
  2. 5vz-fe Swap Ignition Wiring

    There's a ton of information out there on this, but I'm still running into issues. The problem I'm running into is that I am not getting ignition signal to the starter which feels symptomatic of no clutch cancel / neutral safety switch stuff. I also do not hear the fuel pump kick on. Part of the...
  3. wvracer821

    dodge alternator wiring.

    working on this 1990 ram charger project again. I'm having a hard time getting the alternator to charge. we gutted all the emmisions stuff and were using a holley sniper/ MSD 6AL. I was curious if any one had any insight on how I should have this thing wired up. I currently have the blue and...
  4. AC for LS wiring questions

    I'm feeling stupid working on AC for my LS swap. 1) Does a 3-wire AC transducer replace high and low pressure switches? I've gone over the harness several times and I don't have anything for high and low switches. The instructions reference high and low switches but I'm 99.9% sure they don't...
  5. Sluggy

    86 square body burb taillight issue

    So I'm trying to chase a issue with the brake lights not working. During diagnosis I found that the emergency flashers don't work also. Cruise control works and the brake pedal switch tells it to shut off and does this. I've already removed one lense and found the bulb to be good but still...
  6. posford

    Winch motor wiring WTF

    Strange issue with my Warn M10000. I got it with a bad motor and replaced it with ome from DB electric. I hooked it up with an Albright contactor per the diagram below. I get power out, but not in. The motor isn't marked, but I've always seen the 2 closer terminals be the fields and the further...
  7. Stand alone wiring harness for RRC?

    Hi all, I have a 95 RRC LWB that has been sitting in a humid environment for about 7 years. The original wiring had been hacked together by the redneck PO, but the thing did run and drive. I’ve finally gotten to working on it again and while I haven’t spent a ton of time screwing with the...

    CJ5 AMC360 Ford Taurus 2 speed fan wiring

    Currently running howell efi but I do not think the Howell does any fan control, unfortunately. Currently on the jeep there is a non-weatherproof mechanical temp sensor/probe that has seen better days. It was somehow wired in with 2 relays that would definitely not be enough for the high draw...
  9. Chkn

    Wiring LS for standalone

    Question for the brain trust. Working on wiring the LS (GEN IV) in my FJ80. Should probably make a thread for it :homer: but.... How conservative are the OE ratings for the wiring systems on an LS engine? The reason I ask is because I need to find a power distribution block / fuse block to...
  10. Trailer wiring worth a damn

    Just like the title states. I’m looking to redo my trailer wiring. Simple 15’ car trailer with two axles, both with brakes. When I originally rebuilt everything 8ish years ago I used all NAPA stuff because it was local and I was in a pinch (poor planning). Idk if a mouse chewed my wire, but...
  11. Cowboy63b

    Old commando wiring

    I have two things going on, one is a 1968ish Jeepster with the 225 odd fire, the other is my ‘73 Commando that was originally 4.2/auto. I need a schematic for both of them. I have a FSM for the 68’, but, it’s just a diagram, and leaves quite a bit to be desired. I’m trying to do a Howell FI...
  12. desertPOS

    Buggy Wiring - Main Cables/Terminations/Power Distribution

    Trying to get my head wrapped around a plan for full rig wiring - thought I'd throw it up here and see if anyone has any feedback that might help dial things in. For now, mostly wanting to get main cables, bulkhead connectors and fuse boxes ordered so I can make sure I've got room for everything...
  13. TX_Jeep

    Jeep Wrangler YJ FSM Wiring Diagrams 2023-09-12

    1989 - 1995 Jeep YJ Factory Service Manual Wiring Diagrams
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