tow pig

  1. Austin

    5th Gen 6.7 HO vibration

    I picked up a 2019 3500 tow pig with 67k. It was already deleted and has a 5" straight pipe. When I test drove it the owner had all his stuff in it and the odd vibration from the glovebox/dash was ignored as he shuffled stuff around and it partially went away. Turns out, it wasn't his stuff...
  2. surpip

    Turbo dying on the tow pig

    So I’m getting the turbo death codes on my 6.7 ram (p003a, p00af) Pretty sure it’s the actuator, but from what I’m reading it’s best to just do both. Stock, or slightly upgraded? I don’t want to really hot rod it, reliability is king. Suggested places?
  3. Tow Rig / DD / Plow Rig Tires

    We had one of these threads in the old place, might as well have one in the new place, and I didn't see one after my exhausting 2 minute search. If I missed it...:flipoff2: Tech/reviews for Tow Rigs, Daily Driver and Plow truck tires. I'll kick it off. 2011 F-350 6.7, running 275/65R20s gets...
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