super duty

  1. Oddball

    Super Duty dick envy

    Looking for advice guys. Here's the deal. Turbo 5.3, Nv4500, eco box 205. Kingpin 60. Im starting to think the kingpin isnt enough. I can build it with reid stuff blah blah blah, Or go super duty. It's really just a cost analysis. I would need to make the super duty passenger side drop. I want a...
  2. 2004 Super Duty 60 and Cab and Chassis 14B into a TJ

    So we cut 4" off the long side of a 2004 SD60 and we're redrilling a C&C 14B to 8 on 170MM. 64.5" and 63.5" WMS is target. Anyone know of a truss system for the front, that will take TJ coils and long arms? We won't be installing the axle, so need to make sure the truss set up's keyed for...
  3. Little ween/Big truck Budget coil conversion Ex on 4Ds

    I bought this excursion years ago long before I moved up to Alaska as a tent on wheels. It's a well used high milage v10. I've been eye balling geek 4x4's bobbed excursion thinking it'd be a relatively affordable way to turn this poor old beater into a trail rig to run out to the glacier and...
  4. Dan

    CA 05+ super duty 60 ball joint eliminators & lower ball joints SOLD

    I bought these ball Joint eliminators and lower XRF ball joints from DTF. (2) BJ eliminators (2) Lower ball joints $300 Located in Yokuts Valley 93675
  5. LScout800

    CA Super Duty Front Springs and Radius Arms

    Looking for a set of stock super duty coils and radius arms for an '05 or later super duty with a gas v8. Located in Orange County.
  6. DF Fabrication

    Ford Super Duty Parts

    Since were new here figured we let folks know some of the parts we offer. For the Ford Super Duty axles we have a few components that may interest you 99-04 High steer Arms 7075 05+ High steer Arms 7075...
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