1. dntsdad

    86 Runner body onto 92 excab Pickup frame/drivetrain

    I really want a Runner for the seating, storage, sleep, etc. I have an 86 Runner that is sitting here. no drivetrain in it that I was going to 3.4, duals, blah blah I also have a 92 excab pickup that is pretty much built up. Already has 3.4 swap, duals, axles, chromos, etc. I am thinking to...
  2. Provience

    ALL the Pre-96 Pickup and 4runner Buildups

    like the thread title says, if you have a pickup or 4 runner grill or door skin or hood of any year, kindly drop just a link to your build thread. Don't care if it is hardcore, buggy or shitbox stock rebuild. 1st gen, 2nd gen, 3rd gen, pre-gen whatever you want to call them. early 2wd converted...
  3. Alex123456

    '94 Pickup Build

    I bought this truck last fall. It's a '94, 3rz/auto/23 spline duals. Kingpin Dodge front and Chevy 60 rear. 4 links front and rear. Lots of good parts but in need of a lot of work. I had a build over on the other site, I sucked at updating it and I'm not going to bother bringing it over.
  4. Grronk

    1981 Pickup Build - Old Yeller

    Shitbox evolution. Jan 21, 2019 <-------This date is the date of the original post, it will be on all of the older post so I can reference it for later use if needed 1981 Toyota Pickup, bought off of CL How I got it: 22r, Carb, Manual, Stock Gearing and TC, HUGE Body Lift, previous owner...
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