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  1. 46 inch military surplus tires and safety beads

    Recently bought 46 inch Goodyear surplus tires and want to mount them on someused 12x20 Hostile wheels. The bead thickness on the tires is slightly less than 1.5 inches while the width of the area allowed for tire bead on the rims is 3/4 inch. How much of an issue is this going to be? I know...
  2. California legalizing a military humvee

    Hello everyone, So been looking through the search but haven’t found anything directly related to this. Getting a Humvee off gov planet has anyone have experience legalizing it for California roads? Seen a bunch of YouTube videos in red states getting them legal seems pretty painless, but...
  3. JNHEscher

    15" military style double beadlocks

    Anything out there? I'd prefer steel. I've pestered Todd at TWF a few times about some 15" double, though I know there there is little to no market for that size. On my Subaru build, I'm sure some here have seen that it's on 31's and running Bassett steel wheels. Don't worry - I got the DOT...
  4. WaterH

    Vulcan 8 x 8

    So I’m putting this here in the hope that it might become a build thread. Any up dates will go here. So far, this has just been a lawn ornament. I actually love it as a lawn ornament, my wife, not so much. To be honest, I really would like to drive it some day. Back story, A good friend of mine...