1. SanDiegoCJ

    ID 2006 Jeep LJ 39,120 miles $17,000 SOLD

    Located in Filer, Idaho. 2006 Jeep LJ. 4.0L I-6, 6sp manual, 3.8 Atlas II T-Case, aftermarket D44 front/D60 rear axles, 4.88:1 gears, chrome shafts, Detroit lockers. Front axle has manual hub conversion. 4" Currie suspension lift, 1' body and motor mount lift. Flat skid under T-Case. Currie...
  2. Tinstar

    Fox coilovers on an '06 LJ?

    Considering switching from ORI's to Fox coilvers. Main reason is the ORI's need adjusting with temperature changes. 2.5's or? Jeep weights about 3850 and running 37's. 9"R/D44F. What's a good starting point for springs? Walked by the Jeep this afternoon and saw this. Maybe a bit hard to...
  3. FLUX

    LJ in Flux

    Was a member of the old "other" site. I have a thread on another forum that I am adding here. Sold my YJ, tons , stretch, sbc etc yada yada lol and found this! A 2004 khaki LJ. I always loved these when they first came out so this was a win. Recent rebuilt auto tranny, 4" RC lift, hard...
  4. '84 Bronco II

    NM *SOLD* 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited LJ, Lifted and Locked on 35" Tires

    I am posting this listing for my father, so PM me if you're serious and I'll get you in touch, but I can answer most questions here. My father is the second owner and bought it back in 2012 with 120,000 miles from a Pirate member in Southern California who was the original owner. The Jeep has...
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