1. IowaOffRoad

    Isuzu Tech resources

    1995 Isuzu Trooper FSM Above is a link to the IBB resource page I posted a 1995 Trooper FSM. As info on these gets harder and harder to find these days, I thought we should start a resource page in the Isuzu section. Post up your resources or links here!
  2. Isuzu diesel

    Looking into doing a Isuzu diesel swap and looking for input from people who have had them or swapped them. Leaning towards the 4bd1t or 4bd2t for simplicity and reliability. Other motors are not out of the question just like the mechanical motors more. Any input is much appreciated
  3. IowaOffRoad

    C223 to Toyota W series trans.

    I know this has been done. I missed checking out one for sale an hour south of me due to work. Anyone else done this? What clutch/flywheel options facilitate this. I know I'm in adapter territory, but have the ability to manufacture that. Would like to use off the shelf flywheel/pressure...
  4. IowaOffRoad

    MUA5 to C223 for offroad

    Thought the Isuzu page was light on posts. I have all the parts collected to do this, except the transmission is in my DD :rolleyes: so I can't put them side by side. I've seen this on some of the Isuzu specific sites, but has anyone here done it? Supposedly you can cut the starter ear off...
  5. Wildcat

    Intros, Stock or not. Post 'em up.

    Use to wheel a pretty stock 91 Trooper. Wish I'd kept it. Thing just didn't want to die.
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