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May 20, 2020
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Use to wheel a pretty stock 91 Trooper.
Wish I'd kept it. Thing just didn't want to die.

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My old toy, from stock to not. 1996 3.1 turbo-diesel 5-speed manual, Toy axles, 4.88 ratio diffs, high-pinion front. Lokka in back. Lots of custom mess to make it work. It was fully road legal at one point - its all parted out and gone on to various other peoples projects now.
I've had my Rodeo for around 11 years now. I wheeled and DD a different one for 14 years. After I bought it in 2000. This was purchased for a steal already sas'd. I had to have it completely redone so now it's sporting 3-link front with ARB, 4-link rear with ARB, 37's and Fox coil overs all around



Im too dumb to get the words to go with my picture with this new website. That is where it is at right now. 81 P’up Diesel. It moves and steers enough to get it out of my driveway where it has sat for the last 10 years getting a Toyota front axle. It will get the rear axle and chevy 53s later so it doesn’t have the gay brodozer look. I had to move it to a shed where it’s sitting now. I will finish it someday after I finish about 5 other projects.
Not mine, but my buddies Holden Rodeo that I helped him fix up and get back on the road. 4ZE1 2.6L 4 cylinder. On 31x10.5 Super Diggers in the photo but he has different wheels on it now.
'89 Trooper LS, V6 and stick. Working on collecting the parts to throw a pair of Toyota 8" solid axles under it. Plus trying to shove a Warn VR8000 behind the bumper.

Hi guys, I no longer own my Isuzu but if anyone happens to come across it I'd like to buy it back.

Toyota diesel and driveline, GM 10 bolts
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My SAS 91 that I've been beating on for about 7 years now:

View attachment A4VyZVILghOVNEALfKe_xQ1UBDLi_Q0svcargv4IdhAtlobWQgMtL_G2FvJ4WUrB0Ew6Us-pFOe97q0sPwfy42kEc4LBBx5La03s
It's got a waggy 44 front with RCVs, an OX, and 5.38s, rear early 90s rodeo 44 in the back with a detroit and 5.38's. 3.07 low in the MUA5. 3.4 upgrade to the old 2.8. 35" grabber x3's. TNT customs y-link radius arm front and SOA with OME 4runner leafs in the rear. It does really well but it's about to go down for extensive changes. It needs more power and deeper gears, maybe an auto. It had a totally unnecessary 3" body lift that a bunch of stuff was built around that I recently cut down to 1.5". Still needs to be lower too. I have some cool parts that I might throw in it, but we will see which direction I end up going.

edit: not sure what happened to original attachment, so adding new ones:


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'83 Pup..Diesel.. Dana 60 rear.. 44 front.. Doubled transfercases(nissan divorced).. Dumpbed.. Oldschool Q-78 Monster Mudders. . Just your basic "junky old farmtruck".. (Saved from the scrapman/crusher... Stock.. missing fenders ,no grille & a bed with a rusted out floor... $50. for the truck & another $50. for the axles ) And here's where it's at today 👍
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Figured I’d post up here.

1997 isuzu rodeo stock 3.2 but swapped trans from mua5 to the trooper ar5.
Revo 3:1 gears in the case
Fox coilovers up front with MarsFab built 3 link suspension. Rear OLd man emu leaves soa with regular shocks.
Custom ECGS built high pinion 44 with Yukon cromo shafts, superjoints, ox locker 5.38 and warn hubs. Believe it or not, I’m running a stock IH Scout front driveshaft!
Currently rear axle is a FZJ80 full float from a land cruiser. 5.29 with an ARB and nitro axle shafts and ARP hub studs.

I’m in the process of swapping the rear to a 14 bolt. I’ve ate through two LC r&p and ARBs since switching from the 44 to the land cruiser axle. I guess I’m hard on equipment or the Fzj80 just simply isn’t heavy duty enough. Probably both! 🤷🏻‍♂️

Here is a pic from windrock trail 15 or 34?
I forget.

Hey Paul! 🙋🏻‍♂️


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Something different for the very quiet Isuzu thread, here is my 2022 Isuzu D'Max!
Mine is a top of the range X-Terrain model, optioned with the snorkel from the dealer.

These share some DNA with the Chevrolet Colorado, but have their own driveline, powered by an Isuzu 4JJ3 3 litre Diesel and a 6 speed auto.

Picking it up from the dealer.


A couple of days later with aftermarket wheels and custom plates.


A few weeks later stuck in a mud hole...


It did get out under its own power, after about an hour on the shovel. Got a few scrapes on the front and rear bumpers though.

Then I got a killer deal on a set of Offroad Animal bar work, so it got a bullbar with integrated winch plate and recovery points.

Chassis mounted rock sliders / steps.

And a steel rear bumper with integrated tow bar and recovery points.

The plastic panels in the rear bar cover the radar sensors for the cross traffic alert.

This is my daily so won't be turned into anything too wild, but my plans are for a winch and a lift to come next. They come from the factory with a rear locker, so with some decent tyres they are capable enough to do some touring / overlanding type trips, which is what it was bought for, as well as being my daily and doing general ute jobs like collecting firewood.