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full hydro

  1. BiggusBuilt

    Full hydro with stock factory Power steering pump

    Figured I would post this for people trying to be cheap and use stock parts for their full hydro builds. I have a stock 4.0 WJ pump that is a brand new (not reman) that I bought from Rock auto. I have heard other people using this pump with their full hydro setups, so I bought one and now I'm...
  2. tribal4krawler

    Does orbital position in relation to full hydro reservoir matter?

    Howe has been telling our team that we need to have the orbital be lower than the full hydro reservoir. They’re suggesting possibly putting the reservoir in the back of the chassis up by the rear mount radiator (or move the orbital much lower which has its own issues) to solve some of the pump...
  3. gt1guy

    Centering Howe 10"x2/5" full hydro ram

    I have a brand now Howe double ended ram. Basically just out of the box. Loosening the hose caps I get no oil, not even a drip. Can't move it by hand. So I assume they only used enough oil to keep the seals from drying out. I need to center the shaft,. Basically sitting at full left lock. Can I...
  4. BiggusBuilt

    Full Hydro Hose Routing ?'s

    I'm completely illiterate when it comes to this stuff. I've done my homework and research with reading through Billavista thread and scrolling through old OG Pirate forums on full hydro setups but for the most part those were all kits that were being bought and put on. I'm using what I got off...
  5. Full Hydro Steering Filter

    I'm putting together a full hydro steering for my beater and I was thinking about a filter to use. I was thinking of using a remote oil filter https://derale.com/product-footer/filtration/universal/remote-filter-mounts/2-pass But then I was thinking it'll be so easy to fit a in-line filter...
  6. DF Fabrication

    Ford Super Duty Parts

    Since were new here figured we let folks know some of the parts we offer. For the Ford Super Duty axles we have a few components that may interest you 99-04 High steer Arms 7075 https://dffabrication.com/store/ols/products/superduty-high-steer-arms-99-04 05+ High steer Arms 7075...