fuel cell

  1. Rci wedge fuel cell or jazz?

    Hello looking for input on what fuel cell to go with I see alot of jazz jeep speed cells but not alot of Rci wedge cells in buggies. It needs to be able to meet ultra 4 safety specs. I plan to use a dual Holley pump setup. 30 GALLON WEDGE CIRCLE TRACK FUEL CELL 1302YD 24.5x24.5x18
  2. Sean

    Sub $200 Aluminum Fuel Cell vs. Plastic?

    Gathering parts for a couple of buggy builds (one for my wife, one for me....most likely very similar if not identical). Brings me to the topic of fuel cells. In the past, space constraints have always dictated a custom tank and I've always made them from .095" steel with baffles and sumps...
  3. posford

    Fuel Cell Tech

    If you came expecting tech, think again :flipoff2: Trying to rethink/redo some shit on my wheeling rig so i can at least drive it again, starting with the fuel system. What I currently have: 1991 Ranger, carb'd 351w, when I did the engine swap, I used a bypass regulator to regulate from the...
  4. Smithy

    Dissolving Fuel Cell Foam

    I recently picked up a homemade fuel cell for next to nothing and it fits my dumb trail truck perfectly. The downside is the foam inside has degraded and plugs up the fuel filter rather quickly. This one doesn't have the typical bolt on filler neck so pulling it out by hand isnt an easy...
  5. fuel cell vent

    have a 15 gallon cell in bed of my truck, diesel. run this vent on it and am a little worried about water. yesterday in a surprise downpour i loosely ziptied a bag over it, which worked but isnt ideal. should i be concerned and look for a more permanent fix like a mini outerwears or quit...
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