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  1. Thatalbanese

    246 241 swap. Fluid?

    I pulled a 241 out of the junk yard for my 99 Yukon. I pulled the plug out and it is dry. What fluid do I run? I’ve seen a few places that just say trans fluid is that right or is it gear oil? Thanks
  2. blakes

    Tranny fluid change in 330k LX470?

    My LX470 has 330k and runs and shifts great. It's a DD. We live on a very steep 7 mile dirt road. The fluid was flushed about 5 years ago and has since had about 30k miles. The fluid is getting a bit dirty. I have a few gallons of castrol synthetic ATF and thinking about pulling the drain...
  3. 4RunnerGuy

    E40D Fluid

    This is in a 1993 F150. Is Mercon V the go to at this point? Google results seem varied. I have drained the TC and replaced the filter.
  4. BustedKnuckle

    Keep Fluids in your Rig where they Belong

    A commonly overlooked issue with most off road builds is preventing leaks. This video will show you how to properly use the FATS system to prevent fluid leaks on your off road vehicle and hopefully prevent fires.