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crawler hauler

  1. Honky Lips

    Honkylips crawler hauler project

    Picked up this super clean 1998 Hallmark it has 20 foot of enclosed space and 20 foot of trailer deck with a 5 foot dovetail. Day one after getting a Home was taking everything out of the inside I didn’t want and modifying it. There was a long bench countertop thing that just took up all the...
  2. outdoorexplorationgear

    Ford Semi Crawler Hauler Build

    Current details of the rig. 1985 Ford lt9000 Engine: Big Cam 3 Cummins 350hp, (the good one with high flow coolant), Transmission: rto14613 13 speed with overdrive Rear suspension and axles: 46,000lbs rated Hendrickson walking beam leaf spring suspension (the back destroyer!!) Top speed: 55mph...