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  1. TN 4WS west coast buggy

    Looking for a nice buggy. Has to be a 2 seater. Ideally LS / TH400 / Atlas / tons or 609 / 40s or bigger Could be anywhere in the lower 48 but the closer to TN the better. No bouncers. Twisted Customs / Partially Committed / M&M / BentFabAZ look is what I'm after. Budget 40/50k. Send me...
  2. Sluggy

    CA Fresno 2005 Campbell moon buggy

    Posting for a friend, PM me for contact info. He can then answer all questions and you guys work the deal out. 2005 Campbell moon buggy Raced in XXRA by Rick Dermo 2.5l Subaru motor and harness, turns over free by hand, hasn't run for 10 years 2.0 air shocks 9" front empty with d60 outers...
  3. Toreadorranger

    CT Looking for 2 seater Buggy

    Friend of mine just sold his TJ and is looking to get into a 2 seater buggy. Closer to east coast the better. $20kish budget. flexible on specs but typical tons, 40-43s would be on par.
  4. Toyota Custom Built Buggy for sale

    Custom built rock buggy for sale. Built for the Hammer Trails in Southern California, now home to the King of Hammers off-road race. This car has done a majority of the trails at the Hammers, including the famous Back Door about 40-50 times. It's a purpose built off road rig set up for a...
  5. '84 Bronco II

    Buggy Builds and Lessons Learned

    This may be a stupid thread, but it seems like a good idea while I am sitting here drinking a beer :flipoff2: We have plenty of threads with bench racing and web-wheeler arguing, but the intent of this thread is for people who actually have a finished Buggy/Juggy/Truggy they have seat time with...
  6. 94toytruck

    Toyota buggy picture/specs thread

    I keep lurking in here time to time cause I'm a Toyota guy but I've since moved to the buggy world. Figure this might be good for guys that have Toyota based buggy's to put up what they have and what they did without having a build thread. If you have a build thread even better put a link to...