1. MS Sweet MFG Hub Adapter

    Sweet Mfg quick attach steering wheel hub. 3/4" hub adapter. $70 Shipped. Located in South MS
  2. MS Advanced Adapter Motor Mounts LS

    Brand New still in the box. Fits 4 bolt LS engines. Any questions just ask. $100 Shipped in US. Located in Ocean Springs, MS
  3. budget76

    unique hyd line fitting adapter - does it exist? female m18x1.5 to female -6 AN

    exactly the opposite of this needed - this is male-male. I need female-female. Trying to adapt the OEM GMT800 hydroboost pressure line to the -6AN adapter on the Crown Vic steering rack. Trying to use all the OEM lines for the HB install I can't find female m18x1.5 to female -6 AN , seems...
  4. WA Np208-Th400 cucv adapter needed

    Please let me know if you have one for sale. Will need it shipped to Tacoma,WA. Thanks!
  5. Grronk

    CA AS-6440 - TH400 2.75" TO ATLAS ADAPTER KIT

    AA is back ordered on these, anyone got one before I jump on their wait list?
  6. R151F and Gear Drive Transfer adapter plates

    Im currently building a R151F up for the 3RZ turbo setup in the Hilux, and taking the opportunity to put the gear drive transfer case behind it while I am at it. Over here in Aus we never got the later 23T gear drive transfer case that didn't require an adaptor plate, but most of our RF1A cases...
  7. makemeknowit

    Specs on Cary's C4 to 22R adapter

    I know there are only 2 in existence, his and the Allphase guy who designed it. Several at the other place asked about it in his makeover thread back in '06. He mentioned taking measurements the next time he had it out but I never saw a follow up on that in the thread. I'd love to see the specs...
  8. makemeknowit

    Why no toyota trans to 302 adapter?

    Or am I wrong? I find 4.3/5.7 to toy adapters but no ford.
  9. YotaAtieToo

    "Game Changer" 4 Speed Auto to Toyota T-Case adapter?

    I've been looking for this exact adapter for years and somehow I never hear of it until its discontinued? :confused: Anyone know anything about them, literally the only thing that comes up on Google is the instructions pdf Were they junk or?
  10. LScout800

    NP241C Adapter Plate Bolt Pattern

    Does anyone have a drawing file of the NP241c bolt pattern? Not the one where it bolts to the transmission but where the two case halfs bolt together. Was going to cut out the adapter plate for my doubler on my plasma table and it will save me a bit of time if someone had it drawn out already...
  11. Grronk

    CA New Dana 70 7.17 gears and spool full swap stuff, D60/70 to yota flange, Advance Adapter FLANGE YOKE 1310-1350CV &NON

    Going different direction with my next build. This stuff has just sat on my shelf, never used. Here is the break down of the D70 7.17 gear and spool setup. $900 shipped Pics of everything Also have a Dana 60/70 to toyota flange - $80 shipped - SOLD
  12. snivilous

    iBooster Gen2 Low Profile Reservoir Adapter 2023-05-12

    iBooster Gen2 Low Profile Reservoir Adapter
  13. snivilous

    FJ40 Holley Adapter Plate 2023-05-12

    FJ40 Holley Adapter Plate, used to adapt a Sniper EFI to stock intake manifold
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