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  1. WY Glock 20 and 40 10mms

    Decided to get out of glocks completely. Glock 20 gen3 night sights, 3.5# disconnector, ss guide rod, titanium pin set, glock extended slide release. Original box. All stock parts will come with it. Glock 40mos gen4. Meprolight adjustable night sights, lone wolf trigger, optics plate set...
  2. Sean

    Anyone Looking for D80 ARB 40 Spline RD177?

  3. Sean

    35 Spline D60 ARB to 40 Spline?

    I know this information must be here somewhere, but I'm not finding it with search. How difficult/expensive is it to take a 35 spline D60 4.56 and up carrier and make it 40 spline? Is machining required to the 35 spline locker? Does it make more sense to just buy a new 40 spline ARB instead...
  4. snivilous

    40in Hankook DynaPro and 17in Pro Comp Beadlock 2023-05-12

    40in Hankook DynaPro and 17in Pro Comp Beadlock. Forget where I found these, it's two models mated together. The tire was scaled up from a 31 (as the sidewall says).