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    78 bronco 3 link

    I'm getting ready to 3 link my 78 bronco with 2015 superduty d60 axles. I decided on 3 linking 4 years ago. Bought the axles and some of the parts, cut everything off the axle then the engine blew and it's been sitting since. Now I'm ready for the axles, and I definitely would have just done...
  2. wt91

    Will's "$600" Wagoneer

    I've lurked a lot and posted a little bit here and there, but this is my first thread. Migrating over from the various FSJ forums as they're mainly catered more towards "stock-ish" trucks and I've departed pretty far by now. Had this jeep for about 13 years now. Before this had a 1994 Explorer...
  3. Mattygwheeler

    Heim Joints or Johnny Joints for front 3 link?

    Move to newb or 4x4 tech if applicable I am getting around to building a 3 link front suspension/full hydro steering for my trail jeep. I built a triangulated 4 link last summer using all 1.25 heims from NWF. The suspension works great but after about 6 trail rides they started squeaking and...
  4. maveric

    1st/2nd/3rd gen 3 link steering pics

    I am tired of trashing front springs on my sas'd 87 xcab. 2 sets of ruf's and a pair of allpro springs. Purchased the Barnes 3 link kit and planning to run 12" fox 2.0 air shocks. Currently running 63's in the rear, and plan to keep them, as they work well. Installing the TG rear disco, and want...
  5. dntsdad

    4WU rear 3 link parallel vs. triangulated?

    Brain has both options on his site and I am not sure the pro's vs. con's of each. Yep, I could call and ask him but just seeing what everyone here thinks..........then I will do that. :flipoff2: 92 pickup, 3.4, 150, duals, 4WU front
  6. ryantowry_81

    long term fj40 build. 3 link, custom toyota axles, LS swap.

    so this is a long time coming. I have been slowly building these axles for roughly 11 years and 3 different states. here is what i am starting with: 73 fj40 with hard top, bikini and soft doors included. freshly rebuilt TBI 350 already wired freshly rebuilt SM465 NP205 Dana 44 front...
  7. Beattintop

    3 link Toyota steering box

    So currently I am running an Ifs steering box on my samurai. I am in the process of 3 linking the front end, pushing the axle forward 15". I am in a dilemma on what I want to do with steering. I know I am going to get the obvious, just go full hydro. But going full hydro is out of the question...
  8. Beattintop

    3 link front end

    I’m working on 3 linking my front end. I have my lower links at the axles pushed out as wide as possible to get the most triangulation. Would it be ok to cut the frame mounts to have the jam nuts exposed, since they are binding on the mounts. Or should I ditch the triangulation and bring them...
  9. Treefrog

    How's my numbers?

    Looks like its time we need this, I was hoping it would take a bit longer, but I guess its a sign that builds are being done. So, for those asking about how their suspension numbers check out, throw it here. Preferably in the form of a screenshot of the calculator. Just trying to keep the bible...
  10. Treefrog

    Linked Suspensions Bible

    Figured that with the talk of threads dedicated to specific tech topics, might as well get the ball rolling early. THIS IS FOR SOLID AXLES ONLY, NOT INDEPENDENT SUSPENSIONS. I will do my best to gather as much of this info below as possible. It should be noted that this is a collection of info...
  11. Go fast 3 Link Tacoma sas

    Always lurked on the og and now here. have a build on tacomaworld but not much real fabrication or wheeling goes on over there. Doing a big overhaul so figured I’d post up as I go here backstory is it’s my first car. Cut it up at 18 in parents garage 5 years ago to convert it to 4wd and put it...
  12. Treefrog

    New Version of the 4 Link Calculator

    Current Version: 6.10 All versions I have access to can be found on the Resources Page. Link to the linked suspension bible: December's Bible Build: Linked Suspensions Link to the Check My Numbers thread: How's my numbers? With the changes to the board, a goal was set of generating more...
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