14 bolt

  1. TN Artec 14 bolt back bone truss

    $100 + shipping if you can't pick up. Located in Chattanooga TN Back bone for 14 bolt. Artec TR1407 https://artecindustries.com/products/14-bolt-backbone-truss
  2. Byro

    Steering 14 bolt

    Building a steering 14 bolt for a friend of mine. Figured since I acquired the lathe why not. Snagged a Mittler Bros alignment bar and pucks from Scummit scratch and sniff for $180. Spun up some alignment pucks for the tube ends and hub register. Not too shabby for my 3rd lathe project...
  3. TTRAxle&FAB

    MO Passenger drop 14 bolt front housing

    New TTR 14 bolt front. Built wrong for customer and want it out of my way Bare housing with just American Iron Cs Passenger drop New 4in Casting with 4x.500wall axle tubes American Iron Offroad Inner Cs 13 bolt shave 73.5in wide wms 10⁰ of pinion 7⁰ of caster $1500 Location is Villa Ridge...
  4. Jeff K

    Groveling for 14 bolt steer axle info

    In the true spirit of the hobby I'm changing boats in the middle of the stream. This requires more stupid questions. I was originally going to build a 72" WMS 14b with stock 05+ 1550 axle shafts. But, I came to my senses after a few people I know started breaking the 35 spline axles. So now...
  5. BDK

    14 Bolt Swap and Gearing

    I have a 2008 1500 Silverado with a 5.3. I like it and want to keep it. My 8.6 10 bolt rear axle is making noises, and from what I understand it's a relatively easy swap to get a 6 lug 14 bolt under there. I tow horse trailers with it monthly. The issue I'm having is in Southern California...
  6. Grronk

    AAM 10.5 14 Bolt and Corporate 14 Bolt gear/locker mixing question

    So I have a aam 10.5" 14 Bolt rear axle, was planning on using it for a project that needs 5.38 gears, apparently this axle doesn't go that low unless you swap in the older Corp 14 Bolt carrier/locker and gears (?). From what I read on the old place they're compatible except for the pinion...
  7. 14 bolt locker ID

    Is this a stock limited slip or something else?
  8. CA 10.5” 14 Bolt Open Carrier

    Looking for a 10.5” 14 bolt open carrier, preferably 4:10-down. The axle I picked up has a govlok and won’t accept the locker I bought… Located in SF Bay Area
  9. Welding a 14 bolt

    Anyone welded up a gov lock in a 14 bolt?
  10. Reno Off-Road (Parts)

    Spring Perches | Dana 60 | Ford 8.8 | Ford 9"

    Make your job a little easier with these spring perches. Includes: 2-Perches for one axle Dimensions: Axle diameter: 3 1/4 or 3 1/8" Width: 2.5" This is a new variation on one of our fairly basic items, but it isn't quite that basic. Here's what you want to know: these are .25" (1/4) HR P&O...
  11. 14 bolt slip on vs press on drums

    I found a 2nd generation 1995 14 bolt that came factory with the older style pressed on drums. After reading numerous threads it appears that the 73-87 style disc brake kits and hubs should interchange. The question I have is in regard to WMS measurements. Most references to the 2nd generation...
  12. IN New Detroit Locker for 14 Bolt SOLD

    SOLD Drop in Detroit Locker for the 14 bolt, Part number 225-S-10 Have had this on hand for a while, waiting to be used in my never ending project. Going a different direction now... Asking $450 plus the ride from Brownsburg IN
  13. Gunwalls_Buckthorne

    14 bolt pinion bearing replacement

    1987 v30 SRW….. The birdcage holding the tapered pinion bearing in the pinion broke and allows the bearings to rub when coasting. I know the “right” thing to do would be pull everything apart and set everything up again properly. However, could a guy pull just the pinion out, put new...
  14. 14 bolt parking brake connection..would cables still work OK?

    This is probably stupid simple, and I'm just a dipshit who can't search right... Samurai, 14 bolt axle, 2.5" lift Jeep springs SOA, wheelbase not extended in the rear....looking at ways to keep the center mounted parking brake handle with mechanical parking brakes. Already have a driveline...
  15. lagunaMS

    14 bolt width questions

    Local guy is selling a disc 14 bolt out of a 03 2500 for $200 and I'm probably gonna go get it. It will be used in a 97 K1500 eventually, paired with a 79 D60 up front Are the later model disc 14 bolts different widths depending on 2wd / 4wd? or all they all around 70"?
  16. Winchested

    14 bolt axle shafts...

    Im sure its been discussed before. But Are second gen axle shafts for 14 bolts all long side interchangeable? Shorts seem to all be the same at 31 5/8, but. The one I installed on my Scout has 37 5/8" shaft (it's the old first gen smooth body design) I just got another junk yard axle...
  17. Top Ramen

    Figured I should post up my current slow build on here. It started with Snowracer tagging me in a add on Facebook for a 1983 sj410k with no papers. Not long after that I picked up another one with papers. It was supposed to be a simple build. You know build a new frame. Add some bigger diffs...
  18. Lilyota

    Replacing 14 mm studs with 9/16 studs in a 14 bolt.

    Does anyone have the part number handy? Mine is buried in a CONEX. Thanks in advance.
  19. 2000 14 Bolt Wheel Bearing Preload

    I have a 2000 chevy van 14bolt that i've replaced the wheel bearings on. Went to throw the hubs on and after getting the wheel bearing preload to 50lbs i still have a bunch of play in the hub (up, down, side to side) I took it apart a year ago and kept the items in a container but im wondering...
  20. LScout800

    14 Bolt c&c hub swap help

    Currently I am putting a 14 bolt under the rear of a scout, and I decided to use a normal srw 14 bolt I already had and use c&c hubs to narrow it a bit so I would not stick the tires way out. Anyways as I was putting it together tonight using some hubs I had gotten from a c&c truck at the...
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