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Yep, it's a YJ


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May 19, 2020
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I never bothered to start a build thread on Pirate but since this is just getting going, I figured to post up the finished (for now) product. I've had this YJ for 20 years. Started with a 70's SBC, TH350 with 231 on 3" springs, 33" AT's and stock axles. Then went to early Bronco 44/9" combo with a SOA. That motor got tired so I put in a carb'd 5.7 with ZZ4 cam. Overheated that and in 2006 or 7 installed a LQ9 with only 11,000 miles on it. 2008 brought a linked version with 78 KP 60 and a double trussed 9" with a True Hi-9 stretched to 103". A couple years later brought an Atlas 3.8.
2012/13 brought a full body off body swap with a pristine tub. (that didn't last long :( ) I stretched the back another 3" in 2016 and the front another 3" in 2018 so I currently sit 108.5 - 109". So it currently sits with a front 60, Detroit, 5.38 gears, Branik axle shafts, Yukon super joints and lockouts, Reid knuckles and PSC full hydro. Rear is still the same 9" housing now with a 35 spline Mega Hi-9 and ARB with Moser shafts. I have 2 sets of wheels/tires. 39" reds on Rock Monster double beadlocks for rocks and 39" Iroks on Champion beadlocks for snow and sand.

Here is a pretty detailed build thread starting when we stretched it in 2008.

Hopefully I will be successful posting pics.





So the Jeep was white but when I did the body swap the wife wanted to color match it to our motorhome so it went Burgundy. Then we sold the motorhome. LOL So this year we decided to go the opposite extreme and had it wrapped.





Your license plate made me lol! :lmao:

Gotta ask, what the hell happened in the trailer pic, and how did you get out of that mess?
Your license plate made me lol! :lmao:

Gotta ask, what the hell happened in the trailer pic, and how did you get out of that mess?

Was heading out for a winter ride in Canada nord of da Soo eh. There is a waterfall at the bottom of the hill and we stopped to take pics. Casual morning, good friends, I started up the hill taking our time looking at the waterfall thru the trees. Unfortunately I didn't have enough momentum and before we got to the top of the hill lost traction. The weight of the trailer pulled us backwards and over the bank. Took out the rear driveshaft of the tow rig and broke the trailer hitch insert. It was about a 4 hour process to stabilize the trailer, get the tow rig out, back the Jeep off the trailer, winch out the trailer and then the Jeep. The bummer was that we had started the engine of the Jeep to warm up and it sat there running for a half hour before we could risk shutting it off. Killed the trans. :(.
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